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Best Fitness Gear for Success! 2019 Must Haves

Trust me when I say that you need the best fitness gear for success. You need to prepare yourself for success in 2019. If you’re new to the fitness game, getting back into it, or just looking for some invigoration, these 2019 must haves are for you!


The best thing I ever did for myself when it came to my fitness journey was to find my perfect running shoes. This list of the best fitness gear would be incomplete without them. I didn’t even realize that I could find a shoe that didn’t require me to break them in. This perfect running shoe stood between me and my fitness goal of becoming an everyday runner. In 2019 they top our list because they are my favorite shoes, both the male and female versions.

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How you dress for your workouts in also essential to success, because its hard to succeed if you are uncomfortable or self-conscious. You’ll find some gems on our list of the best fitness gear! Gone are the days where you must settle for a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt to run outside or hit up the gym. Make sure you dress for the weather, as well as your comfort level. Most of the time looking the part gives us so much confidence!


Best Fitness Gear for Success!

None of these products will break the bank, so don’t be afraid to fill up your shopping cart! They are all great products and prove that fitness is super accessible. Arm yourself for success with the best fitness gear.

Below is our complete collection of gear for 2019. BuzzChomp is an Amazon affiliate. All items are listed via with prices and sales at time of publication.


These are my favorite sneakers and I just got a new pair for Christmas (male version below). I love Under Armour and having a great pair of running sneakers is essential to your fitness success. The best part is that I never need to break in these shoes. I used to break in sneakers all the time, but no more.

I have a voyeur obsession with fitness trackers. I want one that will track everything, that looks cool, and is easy to use. This one looks awesome and it doesn’t even look like a traditional tracker. That really appeals to me and which puts this is on my list of the best fitness gear.

I just did a “Drink a gallon of water a day for 7 days” challenge. That is exactly what this product is promoting. I love this because it was actually a lot easier than I thought to drink that much water every day. If you work in an office or are on the road a lot, this is the perfect reminder for you.

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Even though these leggings say they are for yoga, you can totally wear them to workout at the gym and to run. I love that they have a pocket on the side. It’s not useful for when you run, but it is good if you go to a workout class.

I love this type of running shirt. It’s perfect for climates like Los Angeles in the winter, but also great for layering. I pair them with a hat and gloves and always feel great running. Whatever climate you’re in, these are great workout shirts!

Not only do I love Under Armour sneakers, but Dan does too. This Christmas we each bought new running shoes for one another. It was essential and we both feel that these are the best running shoes we’ve owned. They are affordable, comfortable, and they look great!

We are all about being comfortable while working out and looking good too. Dan has a pair of these pants and he loves running in them. They are definitely great for so many different fitness activities. You can also just lounge in them as well.

My reason for loving this is the same as the women’s equivalent. These are perfect for cooler mornings running in Los Angeles. It’s also great to throw over top of a tank top or t-shirt before the gym or workout class. Dan and I both agree that having clothing that you’re comfortable in is essential for your fitness success.



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