Crush Your Goals with 4 Office-to-Gym Outfit Ideas

Exercise is important, but what do you do when time is at a premium? Athleisure is the answer to saving time and crushing your goals. We’ve got 4 office-to-gym outfit ideas so you’re covered all week long.


If you’re like many women, getting ready each day is a cumbersome task. In fact, 60% of women struggle to put together a cute look on a daily basis. Choosing an outfit that’s flattering, office-appropriate, stylish and clean can waste several precious morning minutes. Then there’s also the time it takes to change before and after working out.

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Luckily, fashion innovators are helping busy professionals find a little more time in their schedule with multi-purpose clothing designs. Athleisure brands offer hundreds of clothing options that can be worn to both the office and the gym, so you don’t have to spend your morning packing multiple outfits.

If you’ve got a meeting at 3:30 and a spin class at 4:30, don’t drag multiple outfits to your workplace. Instead, try streamlining your schedule with these comfy, cute, and wonderfully practical office-to-gym outfit ideas. We’ve got four, so you’re covered all week long.


1. Rock an Athletic Tank and Blazer Combo

More and more, workout shirts are becoming indistinguishable from regular blouses. Many workout tops come in classic tunic styles, flowy fabrics, and dressy necklines. Choose a looser exercise top with a neutral color for work-to-play flexibility. That’s the crux of our gym outfit ideas, the ability to be flexible. Dress up a simple workout tank by layering it with a casual blazer, and your coworkers may have no idea that you’re wearing athletic gear at all!

2. Wear Professional Yoga Pants

Just like exercise tops, gym-ready bottoms are increasingly available in elegant, professional styles. Shoppers can find stretchy yoga pants with pockets and denser fabrics that mirror dress pants. You can also find leggings with patterns that imitate the pinstripes or herringbone styles common in professional work pants. They make any of your office-to-gym outfit ideas into keepers.

3. Accessorize

Pairing professional accessories with athletic materials is a great way to dress up (or conceal) a workout outfit. Try chunky necklaces, tall boots, or a scarf with your work bag to take your exercise gear from the street to a meeting. You can even throw a long sweater over your sports bra and leggings for a quick work-to-gym transition.

4. Try A Workout Dress

Though it may seem impractical to work out in a dress, many women are finding fun and freedom in this feminine, quirky option. Workout dresses are especially common in activities like yoga, tennis, and dance, but you can also rock a dress while lifting weights, using a stair climber, or doing almost any other exercise. Look for a simple swing dress in breathable workout fabric. Many come with built-in bottoms, but you can also layer a dress over spandex for extra bum protection. With an athletic dress, you’ll feel ready for work in the morning, and ready to sweat when it’s quitting time!


Benefits of Work-Ready Athleisure

While these innovative outfits will certainly save you time changing between activities, choosing to streamline your closet with athleisure has other benefits, too. The average American household contains over 300,000 items, and most Americans spend about $1,800 on clothing every year. With office-ready athleisure, you may find that you don’t need to own nearly as many articles of clothing. Free up your budget and your closet space by choosing attire that serves multiple functions.


Wearing athleisure can also feel, well, leisurely. Women’s office attire often features tight waistbands or pinched shoes that become torturous after eight hours of wear. Athleisure offers professionals the chance to focus less on appearances and more on getting the job done. With office-appropriate fitness gear, you can accomplish both work and personal goals without wasting a moment.



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