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Ultimate 420 Month Survival Guide: Set the mood in style

420 Month

We get a whole month of 420! How will you survive? We need food, atmosphere, smoking essentials, entertainment and some CBD. It’s all in our ultimate 420 Month survival guide.


Being home never felt so sweet, because we can celebrate 420 month the way it was intended! Sinking into your favorite seat with some herb and the essentials we cannot smoke without. They’re all below in our unique survival guide. That’s right, all of April is 420, meaning its literally 420 month and we need to be ready. No need to wait until the calendar flips to April 20, 2020. Now is the time to look on the bright side and embrace the good vibes.

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Our guide is versatile and will help to set the perfect mood for your 420 month festivities. A must have for your enjoyment is a great streaming setup, plus snacks and comfy clothes. I’m all about having the best, most comfortable setup for a session. You’re definitely going to be having some virtual 420 sessions with your friends, so show off all your new styling gear!

It doesn’t matter what’s going on outside, because we can all have fun indoors for four straight weeks of 420. Make sure you rise above and don’t let your 420 vibe get messed up. Enjoy the month any way you can. These are some of essentials we can’t live without! Send us your pics of how you are surviving and we’ll share our favorites. BuzzChomp is an Amazon affiliate. All items are listed via with prices and sales at time of publication.


Ultimate 420 Month Survival Guide


Entertainment: Amazon Fire Stick

420 month

It’s the perfect time to have a great streaming setup! You don’t have to stream off your laptop or endure the horrors of sitting in bed watching on your phone. Everyone can have great streaming setup even if you don’t have a smart TV. This is one of the more reasonable streaming options.

Buy It: Amazon Fire Stick ($22.99 on


Food: Healthy Snack Pack

Now would be the worst time to run out of snacks, especially since the grocery stores are still being mobbed! This healthy snack box is great and will give you a variety of great healthy snacks to get you through this 420 month. You’re going to get the munchies. Be prepared.

Buy It: Munchies Snack Box ($26.98 on


Comfy Clothes: Cannabis Hoodie

I love a nice subtle hoodie and The Healthy LA has the perfect one. This hoodie is so comfortable and is a nod to your love for cannabis. Right now you can still look great, feel great, and be comfy in this hoodie. Embrace the mainstream vibes. It comes in a ton of different colors too.

Buy It: Cannabis Hoodie ($44.95 on


Atmosphere: Essential Oils 3 pack

I am absolutely obsessed with these essential oils by Ministry of Oils. They smell great, last a long time, and are reasonably priced. The quality of them is vastly superior to others I’ve tried. Plus, the best part is that you can use our code to get an even better price! Use code BuzzChompOil for three promotional bottles for $3.00.

Buy It: Essential Oils 3 pack ($3.00 on


Essentials: Marijuana Lighters

If you’re like most of us, lighters always disappear. If you partake with other people, then lighters definitely disappear. Always have a backup and make your lighter stand out. Putting a lighter in your pocket is common, but no one can mistake these lighters for their own.

Buy It: Marijuana Lighters 4 pack ($6.05 on


Essentials: Go Green Ash Tray

Having a great ash tray is essential. Having a stylish one is a no-brainer. Just because you smoke, doesn’t mean you can’t be clean. This ash tray is absolutely perfect and fun!

Buy It: Go Green Ash Tray ($7.95 on


Essentials: Rainbow Grinder

If you like to smoke flower, then I highly recommend having a solid grinder. This one is great because it’s zinc alloy and has a stainless steel mesh screen that traps your keef. You definitely want one of these!

Buy It: Rainbow Grinder ($8.55 on


Atmosphere: Pot Leaf Throw Pillow

We’re all going to be home for 420 month, so you definitely want to make sure your couch setup is on point. I love pillows and for me, the more the better! This pillow is fabulous.

Buy It: Pot Leaf Throw Pillow ($24.99 on


Atmosphere: Pot Leaf Bean Bag Chair

Who doesn’t love a great bean bag chair? This one is perfect for your 420 setup. It’s comfy, it’s large, and it will make for a great chair to just chill out! Get yours now and melt into the leaves.

Buy It: Pot Leaf Bean Bag Chair ($169.99 on


Just Because: Bong Cleaning Kit

Let’s stay civilized and clean during this amazing month of marijuana. Making sure you keep your pieces clean always makes for a better experience! This bong cleaning kit makes it super easy to keep clean.

Buy It: Bong Cleaning kit ($14.99 on


Food: Cannabis Leaf Cookie Cutter

Do you want to make some cannabis infused cookies? What about cannabis inspired cookies for when you have the munchies? These cookie cutters are perfect for that. There are three sizes in this pack for whatever type of 420 adventure you crave.

Buy It: Pot Leaf Cookie Cutter ($8.95 on


Mood: Vitalibis CBD Oil

This is one of my favorite CBD oils. Vitalibis products gave zero pesticides and zero heavy metals. I love that! There is a wide range of CBD products to fit into all aspects of your health routine. Use our code buzzchomp10 to receive $10 off $50 or more. I love the oil drops the most.

Buy It: CBD Oil ($54.40 on



Meet Our 420 Month Expert:

Mandi Mellen is Lead Editor, Writer, and Co-Owner of BuzzChomp. She’s an acclaimed Actor, Director and Producer. Visit M Square Productions for her film work, or get lost in her comedy on Pillow Talk TV. You can follow her on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram.

Photo Credits: Amazon, The Healthy LA, Ministry of Oil, and Vitalibis

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