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Thrive While High: Cannabis Lifestyle Guide

Thrive while high. That’s our mantra for 420 month and beyond! Our Cannabis Lifestyle Guide spotlights all of the amazing things you can accomplish while high. Music, growing, games and more. Don’t become a lazy stoner. Its just a fallacy.


The stigma of a lazy stoner is dead. We thrive while high, especially during 420 month and our time at home! Enjoying cannabis doesn’t mean that you must sit on the couch all day and watch movies. That is certainly fun, but you can do so much more. We are all cooped up at home right now, so we’re helping you accomplish new things while high.

Our Cannabis Lifestyle Guide focuses on all of the things you can do to thrive while high! If you’ve always wanted to learn guitar, then now is ideal. It’s super fun to play the guitar while you’re flying high. Growing cannabis is also fun and a lot easier than you realize. Or start painting. Your options are limitless!

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Life can easily get busy, so the best thing we can do is slow down and take some time for ourselves. Regroup, enjoy some cannabis, and accomplish something you’ve always wanted to do. Don’t let 420 month pass you by in a haze of stoner thoughts. Instead, come out of this month with a list of fun new activities you’ve accomplished and experienced while high.

Rise above your circumstances and enjoy those 420 vibes to the fullest. These items will all help you thrive while high! Send us your pics of how you are thriving and we’ll share our favorites. BuzzChomp is an Amazon affiliate. All items are listed via with prices and sales at time of publication.


Thrive While High: Cannabis Guide


Handheld Game Console

Throwback video games are so much fun and this handheld console has games from NES, SNES, arcade, SEGA Genesis and more. There are literally thousands of games on this device. Dan found this system last year after doing a lot of research and loves it! Its perfect when you truly just want to chill. Get back to your old school gaming roots with this console.

Buy It: Handheld Game Console ($54.99 on


Fender Acoustic Guitar Bundle

Playing the guitar is so rewarding and super fun, especially when high. If you’ve always wanted to learn, then now is the perfect time. It’s a great activity to thrive while high! I have a Fender and I love mine.

Buy It: Fender Guitar Bundle ($189.99 on


The Bud Grower At Home Kit

Growing cannabis is amazing and rather straightforward, since the plant thrives easily. If you have the space to do it, then I highly recommend it (pun intended). This is a great starter kit that gives you all the tools to set yourself up and have a successful time growing and harvesting your cannabis.

Buy It: The Bud Grower ($589.89 on


Acrylic Painting Set

If art is your thing or you want it to be, then this acrylic painting set has your name on it. Set aside some time to get lost in painting. Channel your inner Bob Ross. Not only is it therapeutic, but also so rewarding.

Buy It: Acrylic Painting Set ($34.96 on


Home Brew Beer Kit

Is making beer on your bucket list? This bad boy is just for you! I’m all about doing new things with built in rewards this month. Embracing that maximizes your 420 experience, as well as this current life at home.

Buy It: Home Brew Kit ($45.95 on


Tree of Life Journal

I love to journal, but I’m not always faithful. Making it a habit this month is a must for me and this particular journal is kind of amazing. If you enjoy the act of writing, then this journal is for you. Take 5 to 10 minutes each day to write out your thoughts. It feels amazing and really helps you focus in on yourself.

Buy It: Tree of Life Journal ($9.89 on



Building puzzles and models are super fun, especially while high. They also take time and give you a great sense of accomplishment afterwards. Set aside some fun time each day and challenge yourself. Build this wild 3D puzzle after enjoying some cannabis.

Buy It: ROBOTIME 3D Puzzle ($29.99 on


Stainless Steel Ravioli Maker

Cooking and baking is a great way to spend your 420 month. If you’re like me, then you’ve got all your basics and fancy tools at home, but probably lack this one. I’ve made ravioli and its hard to get them to stick together. Adding a ravioli maker is great! I love ravioli and having this tool will perfect your game.

Buy It: Ravioli Maker ($8.99 on



Meet Our 420 Month Expert:

Mandi Mellen is Lead Editor, Writer, and Co-Owner of BuzzChomp. She’s an acclaimed Actor, Director and Producer. Visit M Square Productions for her film work, or get lost in her comedy on Pillow Talk TV. You can follow her on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram.

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