Dispatches From Elsewhere Episode 8 Reaction | Ultimate Secret

Dispatches From Elsewhere episode 8 explained so much and opened up more questions! It’s all about the ultimate secret. Our episode 8 reaction lays out what went down, as well as where this show might be going.


Dispatches From Elsewhere keeps getting better and better. Episode 8, “Lee,” shares insight into the architect and what the whole point of this game is. It is so refreshing to see behind the scenes. Make sure you watch our full Dispatches From Elsewhere episode 8 reaction.

Lee, designed this game and yes at first it was a game. It appears that the real world game is the foundation for a VR game. She’s using this game as redemption for feeling guilty over the real life Clara. Lee and Clara worked together and Lee blames herself for her death.

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That is the basis for this whole experience, but our group of four dived so deep down Lee’s game that they discovered the ultimate secret of it. They discovered Lee, the real Clara, and that aspects of the game were completely real. Lee, figuring this out, started to tailor this game to them.

I will say that Octavio is just an actor. This was a fact that I didn’t want to be true because I would have loved for him to be connected to this whole thing. I hoped he’s just “playing” actor, but he is just an actor.

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There are still a lot more questions like why did Lee shift the game to our group of four and many more. It definitely is evident that she thinks they share qualities of Clara and this game is her tribute to Clara.

So many amazing moments happened in this episode and Simone and Peter started to get closer, but then their date imploded. Simone citing Peter’s inabilities, but definitely a lot of her own. I want them to work through this and with only a few episodes left I hope they do!

Dispatches of Elsewhere keeps layering itself and episode 8 is no different. The ultimate secret is how this game pivoted because the truth of it is discovered by our group of four.


Dispatches from Elsewhere

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