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The 7 Most Unique Etsy Shops!

There are so many unique, fun, and interesting spots to buy goodies online. It can be daunting to wade through the endless stores and websites! Forget all of that. We found the 7 most unique Etsy shops for trendsetters like you!


We recently launched our own unique brand on Etsy and wanted to share some love. The talent out there is incredible, and we found ourselves falling for some truly amazing shops! These are our favorites, the 7 most Unique Etsy Shops for trendsetters like you!

The best thing about Etsy is that there is such a wide variety of goods sold on there. Amazing shops from all over are selling such beautiful products. You can get fabulous unique boots, awesome original handmaid jewelry, super cute t-shirts and bags, inspirational tanks and leggings, fabulous men’s t-shirts, and retro decor goods.

It’s easy to just go to a mall or online shop, but then you end up with the same apparel as everyone else. Etsy is about setting the trend and its a wonderful marketplace full of original goods. Some are handmaid, some are created specifically for that store, and others are refurbished from other items.


The Most Unique Etsy Shops



A few years back I saw a girl wearing these boots in an audition. She told me that she found them on Etsy and absolutely loved them. I bookmarked this page and have been dying to get my own pair. They are such an original idea. It’s cowboy boots dressed up with belts. They are super funky and fun!

I love this woman’s work because you can’t find an item like this at a department store or retailer. She handcrafts them all! These hipster Boho boots are one of my favorites. They are super cute and I love the one of a kind feel to them! I always go back and forth on whether I want that pair, or if I want this pair ofgirly boho gyspsy boots.

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If you have your own cowboy boots, you can send them to her and she will do them up for you! That is super great too and another great option of this Etsy store. It’s a great way to make an old pair of shoes new! I love that you can have this option too. Great store!



This store is definitely simple and knows it’s audience! It’s mostly shirts and bags with funny sayings on them. The designs are clever, simple, and sleek. The products are good quality and you can always use another cool t-shirt or bag!

One of my favorite products on this store is the sweater that says “This is my Ugly Sweater.” This shirt speaks to my soul because I don’t personally do ugly sweaters and this just makes me laugh when I see it!

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Another great item on this unique store is this “Stay Weird” mug. This is a great sentiment and it really sums up the themes of this shop. We can all use a fun coffee mug!

I dig the HoMade store because the style is extremely evident by first click. I love all the different things you can get and if this is your style, then there is definitely something for you here!



I love the whole concept of this store! It’s all handmaid jewelry. We know the owner of the store and her passion for her items shines through her items. They are unique and beautiful! I love these necklaces and earrings. The quality of them is top notch! Plus, they are one of kind.

One of my favorite pieces is this hand drawn moon and stars pendent. It’s beautiful and simple. The simplicity of this necklace is perfect, which makes it an extremely versatile piece.

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Another beautiful pendent necklace is this sun and moon pendent. It’s double-sided and encased with glass. I love the words on it and dream leaps out on the side with the moon. It’s perfectly simple and beautiful.

Check this store out if you’re looking for simple, elegant, and handmaid jewelry. You will not be disappointed in GraceTrinkets.



Anyone who knows me knows I love yoga and I love leggings! I’m always looking for some good yoga leggings that aren’t just like what you find at your typical store. This unique Etsy shop has leggings, tank tops, and t-shirts. I love the variety and the vibe of this store. It’s definitely a refreshing shop and one you need to check out! Truly memorable among all of the unique Etsy shops.

I love atheleisure and am always excited to find amazing new brands. This shop has a ton of stuff that I will be purchasing. It’s extremely reasonably priced too. I love this Buddha tank top. The message on the shirt is great; it says “Let that shit go.” Its speaking my language!

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Another product I love on this page are these tie dye leggings. Tie Dye is a favorite pattern of mine. It’s cute, funky, and reminds me of my childhood. These leggings are super cute and I love the colors! It’s why they are on my list to purchase!

The vibes of this Etsy store align with our vibes here. To quote one of their t-shirts, “Eat more plants. Do more yoga!” That totally works for me.



Edify Clothing has a super cool vibe for guys. It’s definitely a mixture of funny, nerdy, and zen men’s clothing. This shop completely knows its brand and what it does great, and that is t-shirts! That’s all you’re going to find in this store, but that’s what makes it an awesome and a unique find and one our most unique Etsy shops!

My absolute favorite t-shirt on the site is this Ohm Buddha shirt. I dig how the buddha is inside the Ohm symbol and it definitely speaks to me. This site reminds me of the Aspire Society, but for men. I love that and I definitely want to get that t-shirt for my man.

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Funny t-shirts make me smile and when I see them on a person I always comment. This is why I really dig this other t-shirt. It’s a retro controller and it just says “ready player” above it. Definitely love the evolution of technology, but I’m for a solid geeky throwback. This shirt is just that.

This Etsy store knows its audience, which really drew us to it. They are an experienced seller and have such a wide variety of t-shirts!


Retro and Rose Vintage

This is a home decor Etsy shop. It’s all vintage and the items are extremely simple. That being said, the quality looks great and each item is worn, but in a natural way. You know the quality you’re getting is great!

This vintage wicker basket is my favorite item! Yes, you can go to Bed Bath & Beyond or Home Goods and buy a wicker basket similar to this one. But let’s face it, the quality is nowhere near as good. The basket has aged beautifully and the worn spots only add to its character.

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Another item I think is fabulous is this stoneware bottle set. I love the way it is set up for the photos and it made me think of all the wonderful ways to use these two bottles as decoration. The photos show how its worn and give me a great sense of this decor item.

This store is super unique! I would not have thought about buying items like this off of Etsy, but I definitely will be now. Love the vibe and energy of this store.


The Healthy LA

This cannabis clothing brand is our own creation, expressing the freedom and uniqueness that is cannabis culture. The Healthy LA has a subtle cannabis theme that is both smart and funny. You can wear these shirts proudly without getting looks for sporting giant pot leafs. Plus, the slogans are kind of awesome!

Our favorite shirt sports the “Baked not Fried” tagline and comes in both t-shirts and tank tops for men and women. There is also added variety to the size of the donut, or ones with pot leafs. We love that! You can truly get the shirt that you love best.

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For the fall and winter months, there are also super cool hoodies and long sleeve shirts. The hoodie has just a small donut logo, accented with tie dye pot leafs in place of the sprinkles. Did I mention I love tie dye?

This brand is everything we love about Los Angeles, cannabis, and fashion mixed into one of the most unique Etsy shops around. Since this is our own brand, comment below for exclusive discount offers! We love all of our readers and want to share some special deals with you.



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