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Surprise! 6 Amazing Faux Fur Jackets on Amazon

I’m having a huge obsession with faux fur jackets and it appears that I’m not the only one. To my surprise, Amazon has some amazing options. I’ve seen faux fur jackets everywhere recently and these are my six favorites!


Growing up in Boston, I would always wear fur. My mom is the type of lady who loves fur and that’s fine, but I was never super comfortable wearing it. However, I did always love good faux fur jackets. I’m always on the hunt for different and new faux fur jackets, and it seems I’m not the only one. To my surprise, Amazon has some amazing options!

The best part about these six Amazing Faux Fur Jackets is that almost all of them come in a variety of colors. I love that, because if you want a funky fun color, you can go ahead and get one. If you want just a calmer color, then that’s available for you too.

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None of these faux fur jackets will break the bank. All of them will keep you warm and stylish for the winter. They are perfect for a fashionista in your life who wants to rock faux fur, or if you’re the fashionista. Then these are for you!

Get ready for the winter with these six jackets! BuzzChomp is an Amazon affiliate. Items listed via with prices at time of publication.


6 Amazing Faux Fur Jackets

PrettyGarden Faux Fur Sherling ($7.89 – $31.99)
This jacket is so cute and looks so cozy. It comes in a wide variety of colors. The most “outrageous” color is a bright red, otherwise they are much more classic colors. This jacket is my favorite one, because of the versatility. I love that it’s over-sized and is a zipper jacket. This one would be great for my wardrobe!


OopsStyle Sherpa Fleece ($30.99 – $33.99)
I love that this jacket is a Pcoat style faux fur. It’s super cute and it comes in a variety of colors. Again, it’s extremely versatile and looks like it’s great to keep you warm all winter long!


Simplee Apparel Fluffy Faux Fur ($42.99 – $45.99)
This is a statement faux fur. It’s what I think about as a classic faux fur coat style. It mimics the closest to regular fur.

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It’s super cute and I love the vibe of it. If you can pull off this jacket, then definitely invest in this one.


Gloria JR Fuzzy Faux Long Jacket ($23.99 – $26.99)
This jacket feels like it’s perfect for the streets of New York. I love that it’s a long jacket and it definitely is imitating the real thing very well. It’s a perfect jacket to throw on for a night on the town.


SVALIY Fuzzy Fleece Jacket ($12.99 – $24.99)
This is another jacket that is super versatile. I love the versatile ones, because I like to have a jacket that I wear a lot during the winter. This is definitely one of them that can be worn a ton! It comes in great colors and is super reasonable.


BerryGo Faux Fur Bomber ($41.99 – $43.99)
This is a super cute take on the classic bomber jacket. I love the colors and bomber jackets are so versatile. A jacket like this is great for both day and night. I love that about it!



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