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Master Russian twists since they are an amazing ab exercise! Time for a BuzzChomp fitness tutorial. Just a great exercise to have in your back pocket.


Russian twists are a great exercise. They are in a ton of the at home circuits we’ve reviewed on here as well as a ton of 30 day challenges. That being said you really need to do Russian twists properly. That’s why it’s time to master Russian twists.

Like so many exercises Russian twists are best mastered by having a strong foundation. The tricky part about this exercise is that you want to make sure you don’t put all your weight into your tailbone. The traditional way to do Russian twists is to have your legs up, but if you’re new to the exercise then put your legs down and modify.

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When I’ve done Russian twists for challenges the reps get intense and while it always starts out low in the end I’m so glad that I initially worked my foundation. Just remember if you’re doing multiple sets those reps will get much harder during the later reps.

Remember to always prepare yourself for success when tackling a new exercise. Russian twists is definitely an exercise that you want to master!

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