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Fit Mom New Years Workout Plan is here! It’s a challenge for all of us to workout everyday from now until the new year. Part of our BuzzChomp fitness video series.


I’m all about not waiting to January 1st or 2nd to re-invigorate my workouts. Right now no matter where you are at you can and will embrace my fit mom new years workout plan. Remember that it doesn’t matter how much you worked out this year or even this month. Let that go and commit to working out every day from now through the new year.

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This is much easier than you think because I gave you 5 quick workouts you can do around the holidays. You can do those workouts and then find some new ones or just repeat. The point here is to set yourself up to have a flawless new year.

It also doesn’t put a lot of pressure on you to start working out right at the new year. There is a buffer zone that I really like. Also it gives you something to celebrate as your ringing in the new year. I love having something I’m accomplishing or working toward during the new year because I feel like it gives me a leg up!

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