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Cannabis Gift Guide (Holiday 2021) with 5 New Brands

Happy Holidays with cannabis! Our cannabis gift guide celebrates CBD and THC alike, with five new brands full of our favorite flower. We’ve planned ahead, so all you have to do is pick out a special gift and enjoy Holiday 2021 like all cannabis lovers. With a smile!


Everything in our cannabis gift guide celebrates our favorite flower in a unique way! Spice up the holidays with a perfect gift that either shows off your cannabis love, or is made from it. You definitely need to send your favorites to both yourself and your loved ones. We own or received every item and love them! For example, this amazing vaporizer is perfect for any and all flower and has the cutest little cartridges.

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We’ve been on a mission to integrate more CBD into our life and this amazing CBD tea is delicious and super relaxing. It’s just fabulous and an extremely good blend of tea mixed with CBD. There is also a coffee that is equally as delicious and is best drank from a marijuana themed holiday mug! A personal favorite.

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Of course, you also need to outfit all parts of life with your love for cannabis. That means grabbing cool t-shirts and tank tops to flaunt around your town. Don’t forget your underwear, because these hemp undies are the most comfy new addition to my closet. Now its time to shop! Make sure you get one of our great cannabis themed gifts. Snag them all if you dare and remember, BuzzChomp is an affiliate for several of the items listed below.


Cannabis Gift Guide (Holiday 2021)


Wama Hemp Underwear, Hipster Panties

These hemp undies are so cute and comfy. I personally have this green pair and absolutely love them. Make sure you use my link and you get 20% off, which is listed below. I love their bras too.

Buy It: Wama Hemp Panties ($13.99 plus discount w/ code MandiBuzz on


The Healthy LA Cannabis Leaf Christmas Mug

Let your Christmas spirit shine through with a delicious cup of coffee or tea. This pairs perfectly with Willie’s Remedy, as seen below. I love this mug so much! Use code BONUS420 for 10% off!

Buy It: Cannabis Leaf Christmas Mug ($17.99 plus 10% off w/ code BONUS420 on


Willie’s Remedy Hemp-Infused Hibiscus Tea

This hibiscus tea really combines nicely with the CBD for a delicious drink. The flavors are very vibrant and the vibe of the tea is very nice. This is a really good tea.

Buy It: Willie’s Remedy Hemp-Infused Tea ($26.00 on


DaVinci IQC Vaporizer

It’s been a long time since I’ve used a true portable vaporizer and this one is definitely the best. It’s really easy to use, but do read the directions. You can figure it out without the manual, but it’s much easier to just read it and enjoy your herb.

Buy It: DaVinci IQC Vaporizer ($229.00 on


Wama Hemp Underwear, Men’s Boxers

You can’t go wrong with any of the hemp undies on this site. These boxers are so cute and look so comfy. They have a variety of styles and colors too! Use the code MandiBuzz and the link below for 20% off.

Buy It: Wama Hemp Men’s Boxers ($16.79 plus discount w/ code MandiBuzz on


Grateful Dead “Steal Your Veritas” Tank Top

I love tank tops and this one I’m wearing even in winter! This Grateful Dead tank top is super cute and comfy. My favorite tank top is this slouchy kind, because of how it falls along the waist. There are many styles to choose from as well.

Buy It: Steal Your Veritas Tank Top ($20.00 on


Willie’s Remedy Hemp-Infused Medium Roast Coffee

This CBD coffee is delicious and it’s such a treat. Brew it on its own, or blend with another medium roast coffee for a full pot of warm smiles. Read the directions and use either a coffee press or a metal mesh filter. That is how the CBD will be retained during brewing. This blend is so delicious and really calming.

Buy It: Willie’s Remedy Hemp-Infused Coffee ($25.50 on


Psychedelic Eyes T-Shirt

cannabis gift guide

Not into tank tops? This Veritas t-shirt with psychedelic eyes is so cool and unique. Notice the subtle cannabis leaf within the open eye. This shirt is super comfy and great for all! It’s a perfect gift.

Buy It: Psychedelic Eyes T-Shirt ($15.00 on Sale at


Cheeba Chews Cannabis Treat (Caramel)

These are our favorite cannabis infused treats! Cheeba Chews come in so many flavors like chocolate, berry, and lime, but we love the caramel chews. They are just the right strength and taste like homemade candy.

Buy It: Cheeba Chews Caramel Treats ($16.00 at


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