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Hiking Essentials Buyer’s Guide: Gear For Men And Women

We love this time of year! Spring is here, summer is on the horizon, and if you live in a cold weather climate you can finally get outside. In our world that means it’s time to hike, with these Hiking Essentials!


Mandi and Dan here with your Hiking Essentials. We love to hike. The past winter in Los Angeles was very rainy, which limited the time that we spent outdoors. Normally we’d get some great hikes in, but the rain was just one factor in our lack of hikes. The impending baby made it a bit more difficult as well.

Since the arrival of our baby girl just five weeks ago, we’ve already done three hikes. This is something we’re definitely going to continue to do as the baby gets bigger. Like anything fitness and health related, it’s essential to arm yourself for success! Having the right gear will make hiking such a better experience for all involved. You need the right shoes, pack, and if you have a baby like us, a great baby carrier!

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Check back at the beginning of every month for our essential buyer’s guide! It’s time for our Hiking Essentials Buyer’s Guide! Arm yourself with the right gear.
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Hiking Essentials Buyer’s Guide


Hydration Pack ($24.95)
I love my hydration pack with water bladder. It’s basically a small backpack that has a specific spot for the water bladder and a long tube for drinking. You don’t have to take the pack off to drink it due to the long tube. It’s great for sharing and the pack has enough room for snacks and anything else you need to bring on your hike!


Adidas Women’s Hiking Shoes ($85.86)
I’m super guilty of wearing too old of shoes hiking. These shoes are great and are on my list of purchases! It can be super dangerous hiking in old shoes. I’ve definitely slipped due to not enough grip on my sneakers before. Now, having a baby potentially strapped to me, I need to make sure my shoes are perfect for hiking!


Adidas Men’s Hiking Shoes ($59.85)
These are perfect for hiking! My man and I are totally guilty of having the male/female version of sneakers. We do it with our running sneakers and we are definitely doing it with these hiking sneakers.


Core Survival Bracelet ($12.99)
I’ve had a version of this bracelet for a long time. I’ve actually never needed to use it, but I love hiking with it. I’m all for making sure you’re protected in case an emergency happens! This is exactly what this bracelet is for. If you do long hikes or hikes with extreme terrain, you don’t want to be hiking without one.


Deluxe Baby Backpack Carrier ($124.99)
If you’re into long hikes, then this carrier is for you. It’s a backpack that your baby fits in! It has a sun shade too, so you don’t have to worry about your baby getting burnt. There is plenty of room to bring everything you need for a hike too!


LILLEBABY Ergonomic Baby Carrier ($139.99)
I love this carrier. My husband and I have it and we’ve already used it a handful of times! Our baby girl just falls asleep in it, which is perfect! It has six different positions, so as she gets older, she’ll get to enjoy the hike in different ways.


Lightweight Portable Hammock ($35.74)
This is definitely one of those items that looks so cool! If you do a long hike, you can totally bring this bad boy along. If you’re into camping, this is definitely a must too. You can also bring it along to the beach, or use it in your backyard. It’s definitely not just for hiking, which is always a plus!



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