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The Walking Dead Must Have Fan Gear for Obsessed Fans!

The Walking Dead comes back at the end of the month. Dan and Mandi love the show, even though we’re both still mourning the loss of Carl! These are must have fan gear for you or your obsessed.


If you are obsessed with The Walking Dead like us, or you have a Valentine who is obsessed, then our February Buyer’s Guide is for you! Fans of Negan can get their very own Lucile. It’s just fun to have and you’ll totally have a key piece for your Negan Halloween costume!

Are you obsessed with Daryl Dixon? Who isn’t? We have great stuff to keep your The Walking Dead obsession going all year. I totally wish I found the ‘Little Ass Kicker’ onesie for my baby girl when she fit into it! That’s amazing and a great way to show off your Walking Dead obsession through your little baby.

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Looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for your The Walking Dead obsessed fan? Look no further! Male or Female, we have what you’re looking for!

Check back at the beginning of every month for our unique buyer’s guide! It’s time for our The Walking Dead Must Have Fan Gear! Get some sweet gear for you and the family!

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The Walking Dead Must Have Fan Gear!


The Walking Dead: Official Cookbook and Survival Guide ($14.99)
I love that this is a cookbook and survival guide! This is perfect for The Walking Dead fan who loves to cook. It’s super fun and it has some really cool recipes in it.


Lucile Bat ($29.00)
I love this Lucile Bat! We found it a while ago and it is a must if you’re a Negan fan! It’s never too early to plan for Halloween this year. The Negan bat is a must for your costume.


“Shhhh I’m watching The Walking Dead” Funny Socks ($11.99)
I love fun socks and these Walking Dead socks are GREAT! It’s a subtle way to show your support for the show. These are perfect to wear while watching, or just to add flare to your outfit.


Little Ass Kicker Onesie ($12.79)
I wish I would have found this Little Ass Kicker onesie when my baby could fit into it. This is sized for a 6 month old. If you’re having a baby and you’re an obsessed fan, then you have to get this for your baby!


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Daryl Dixon Life Sized Cardboard ($39.99)
If you love Daryl Dixon, or if you know someone who does, then this is for you! It’s perfect and hilarious. If you have a TV room, dorm room, or your bedroom this is where you put your very own Daryl Dixon!


The Walking Dead Nail Art Decals ($6.75)
I love nail art decals! What better way to show your love of the show than by flaunting it on your nails? You can go overboard and do all your nails up with them, or you can just do one or two nails.


The Walking Dead Michonne Katana Sling Bag ($39.99)
This bag is amazing! It’s a bit subtle until you look at it and realize just how bad ass it is. You can wear this bag anywhere. See which of your friends gets it and you’ll know they’re obsessed with The Walking Dead too!


Daryl Dixon Faux Mink Throw ($49.00)
If you’re obsessed with Daryl, then this is for you. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up with a nice throw while you watch The Walking Dead? It’s perfect to fall asleep with, or just for hanging out! Get it for yourself or for someone you know who loves Daryl.



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