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Perfect Valentine’s Gifts for Him & Her: 2017 Buyer’s Guide

Buying for your lady or man at Valentine’s Day can be hard. You don’t want to go cheesy. You want to actually get them something that they’re going to love and use! We have the perfect Valentine’s gifts for him & her in our 2017 Buyer’s Guide!


Step out of the normal box of Valentine’s Day gifts. Say no to chocolate and flowers for your girl! Get her something that she’s going to love. The same thing goes for your man.

Our list consists of three items for your guy and three items for you girl! For guys who are super organized, how about a box that he can put of all of his items in and it charges his phone! That is genius kids! For your lady who loves thoughtful gifts, take her on a romantic picnic! Get this amazing picnic basket and fill it with all of her favorite treats for an afternoon in the park! The Perfect Valentine’s Gifts for Him & Her!

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Check back at the beginning of every month for our essential buyer’s guide! Now it’s time for our love edition Perfect Valentine’s Gifts for Him & Her! Be memorable this year! BuzzChomp is an official Amazon affiliate. All items listed via with prices at time of publication.


Valentine’s Gifts for Him & Her


Mele & Co. Ricardo Wooden Charging Box ($65.00)
This is perfect for your guy who loves to be organized and doesn’t like clutter. He can put so much stuff in here! The best part is, this bad boy charges electronics too! How awesome is that? This is great!


Handcrafted Wooden Beer Carrier ($34.95)
Does your guy love beer? If so, this is the gift for him, especially if he’s one of those guys who makes his own beer. Even if he’s just into nice hand crafted beer, he’ll love this holder. It’s definitely one of those items that he wouldn’t buy himself, but it’s the perfect gift!


Decanter and Whisky Glasses ($18.95)
If your guy is sophisticated and likes to drink, this is definitely for him. A nice classic elegant gift. It’s functional and it looks really nice! Pair it with a nice bottle of whisky and your man is going to love this gift!


Wicker Picnic Basket ($56.99)
Planning the perfect picnic for your lady is a great Valentine’s Day gift. Now pair it with this basket. You can fill this bad boy with all her favorite foods! Not only is the gift the picnic, but also the basket. You two can enjoy many picnics to come!


Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera ($90.00)
If your girl is super into taking pictures but loves the physical picture, this is great for her. It’s easy to throw in your pocket or into your bag! Not only does it have a hard copy, but it also has a digital copy that you can save online!


XO Swarovski Ring ($26.99)
Haven’t been dating your girl for that long, but want to give her a great gift? This Swarovski ring is perfect! It’s simple and cute! It’s great for a relationship that you see going somewhere, but it’s still in its infant stages!



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