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Our Pregnancy Vlog Week 31 kids! It’s our Fit Pregnancy Guide. Stay in the game and you’ll feel amazing!


Prior to getting pregnant, I definitely did not like the idea of gaining a lot of weight while pregnant. I knew this was inevitable, but I also knew that I wasn’t going to have a crazy weight gain pregnancy! Last year, 2016, was definitely my fittest year to date. I ran and worked out more than I ever had! There was a full six months prior to me getting pregnant where I crushed it in the fitness department. That’s the best advice I can give to you; get fit prior to getting pregnant!

Once you’re fit and pregnant, it will be so much easier to control your weight and to have a fit pregnancy! I’ve always loved those pictures of women who just have a belly and the rest of their body looks almost exactly like it did prior to being pregnant. That was my goal and my guide has helped me achieve this!

You’ll love this! My little girl will too!!

It’s super simple. No matter what happens your first trimester, continue to workout. I would gag multiple times on my run throughout my first trimester. This was not fun but I just ran through it. Even if you have morning sickness, getting out there for a workout will make you feel so much better!

As you get farther along in your pregnancy you’ll definitely need to adjust your workouts. Embrace the adjustments ladies! Continuing to workout will make you feel great! I used to do so many 30 day fitness challenges with abs and now I can’t. I’ve adjusted! I’m still doing 30 day challenges, just not the core/abs ones. You can have a Fit Pregnancy too!


Find out what else in our guide ladies! I knew I wanted to have a fit pregnancy and this is my fit pregnancy guide!

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