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Best Travel Hacks on Amazon! July Buyers Guide

Traveling is super fun, but make sure you are prepared for it. There are so many great products that are awesome travel hacks! Sometimes you don’t even realize how easy travel can be, so we put together a great guide just for you!


There are so many great products out there to aid in comfortable travel and its easier than you think to get them. I always valued being organized while traveling, but now that I have a baby I really need to be organized. None of these products are going to break the bank, they are all worth it, and they are part of your Best Travel Hacks on Amazon for our July 2018 Buyers Guide. Enjoy!

Let’s first start with something simple. Having a great travel bag is liberating. Once I got one I really felt free to travel anytime, and once you pair it with a travel pillow you are going to have a great flight too! I can’t believe that I traveled for so long without a pillow, but once I bought one it made sleeping on a plane so much better. I’m still amazed at how many people don’t travel with one or forget it. Arm yourself to have the best travel experience with all of these great travel hacks.

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Sometimes the smallest items make the biggest difference. A few years ago I got a digital travel scale and this bad boy is the best! It is a must, especially if you travel a lot. I am always nervous about overpacking my suitcase and this scale is always spot on. Also, get yourself a water bottle. You won’t ever have to buy another plastic water bottle from an airport again, because you can just bring your own empty one and then fill it up.

You’ll never have another bad travel experience because you’ve armed yourself for success! BuzzChomp is an Amazon affiliate. Items listed via with prices at time of publication.


Best Travel Hacks

This is the biggest must have item on this list because it revolutionizes how you travel on an airplane. I used to try to sleep on a plane and wake up with the worst neck ache ever, but this pillow will thwart those neck aches. Now I can’t travel without it and even if I’m just chilling on the plane, I’m still wearing my neck pillow. It is that comfortable.

Gone are the days of having to hold your suitcase while you’re trying to weigh it. This baby is super easy to use and it’s accurate. It is the best tool because you can bring it with you. If you’re like me and you travel for the holidays, you might be bringing more back than you left with. I know there were times when I had to take stuff out when I tried to check a bag. You won’t ever have to do that again!

It’s imperative to have a great weekender bag. This is perfect if you’re driving somewhere, but even if you’re just flying somewhere for a long weekend. Once I was able to figure out the art of packing light, traveling became so much easier and actually fun! This bag is super cute and there is even a specific pocket for your shoes so you don’t have to worry about them getting your clothes dirty.

My hubby has a bag like this and it fits so much stuff in it besides just his laptop. It makes it the perfect carry-on bag, as well as an all around every day bag. It has a ton of different pockets so if you work on the go, you will always room for all of your stuff. This makes travel and work super convenient.

Traveling with a good pair of headphones is essential and you can’t go wrong with Bose. They are high quality and they last a long time. You definitely get your money’s worth. Noise canceling is clutch on a flight too.

I always travel with a water bottle because I am always thirsty. As long as you leave it empty, you can bring it with you through TSA. I’ve been wanting this Hydro Flask because it’s so big and sturdy. Staying hydrated makes traveling so much nicer!

The worst possible thing that can happen while traveling is that your shoes get your clothes dirty when they’re in your suitcase. These are little bags you put your shoes in and they are great! I’ve always traveled with plastic bags, but I’m going to be getting these because they are even easier to use.

If you’re like me and you want to bring a roller bag on your flight, then having one that is lightweight and expandable is clutch. Some people might like to carry on with barely anything, but I like to have my travel essentials with me. There are also a few quick trips I’m doing this summer where having a roller bag makes traveling that much easier.



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