Learn How to Master Push-Ups with this 30 Day Push-Ups Challenge

This unique push-ups challenge is not a traditional 30 day fitness challenge because its goal is to teach you how to master push-ups. You are not doing the same style push-up every day and it helps you to acquire proper form and great upper body strength!


I’ve done other push-up challenges before and they were just what you thought, push-ups every day. The most recent 30 day challenge I completed is different. It’s all about helping you learn how to master push-ups with 30 days of varying push-up style exercises. The variety made me truly love this challenge, plus it’s so approachable!

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When I say this challenge is approachable, I mean it. Lets take day one for example, 15 modified push-ups. Everyone can do modified push-ups and they are a great way to hone in and get amazing form. That’s really what this whole challenge is about, learning how to master push-ups from form to strength. It’s a great way to approach push-ups because they can be daunting for many. Let that apprehension go and take on this challenge!

You’re not just doing push-ups during the whole challenge. In fact, you only do them a few days. You’re doing dips, shoulder taps, forearm plank, side plank and many other exercises like these. What all of these exercises have in common is that they derive from push-up position. Now there are a few that don’t “traditionally” derive from the push-up position at first glance. Dips would fall into this category and some people might say the same about side plank, but remember that these exercises strengthen you for push-ups. Side plank strengthens each side so you can do a solid push-up.


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Not only will this fitness challenge help you master the push-up, but it’s also a big confidence booster. Let’s be clear here, all 30 day challenges are confidence boosters, but this one stands above the rest. When I did the 20 push-ups on the last day, it felt flawless and effortless. Push-ups are such an amazing exercise that everyone needs to master and have in their back pocket.

I always remind myself that you don’t need weights to get toned arms and mastering the push-up will give you those toned arms. If you’ve never done a 30 day challenge before, this push-up challenge is great to start off with. It will truly motivate you to continue with your fitness routine, but it will also give you a great goal of 20 push-ups straight. I forget that not everyone can do 20 push-ups, but after 30 days you all will be able to!

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Not only will this push-ups challenge supplement your daily workout, but it will help you create a daily fitness routine. You can definitely tailor your workouts to this challenge. I avoided workouts that had too many push-ups in them because I wanted to follow this challenge and strengthen my arms through these exercises.

I can’t say it enough, if you’re looking to learn how to do push-ups and sustain them, then this challenge is for you! It’s not daunting and it’s super approachable for all fitness levels! I love challenges like this because I do so many other intense workouts that sometimes I just want a challenge that will help me accomplish an exercise.

Try this challenge out and share with me how you liked it.



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