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Time to avoid Holiday pitfalls! It’s easier than you think to stay fit for the holidays, but sometimes you need a reminder. Join our mission to feel amazing, all part of our BuzzChomp Fit Mom video series.


I absolutely love this time of year, but I used to be a member of the holiday cycle. The pitfalls are numerous, but I learned how to avoid them. Previously, I would give in to the holiday pitfalls. I’d let go during the holidays and would eat everything in sight and worry about it later. This would make me not feel good afterwards, but now I’ve let go of those ways!

I stopped this some years back and it’s helped me really stay fit for the holidays. The funny part is, I do indulge in a lot of amazing goodies. I just don’t let myself get wrapped up in the holiday pitfalls.

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Let go of being stressed up and run ragged. Even now with having a child, I’m doing the holidays the way I want to do them. By no means do I feel pressured to do certain things, and you too must do the holidays the way you want. It’s easier than you think and will help you have maximum fun during this time of year!

Remember to have fun! This is something I’m always reminding myself of during the holidays! I highly suggest you do too.

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