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5 quick workouts that are the best travel workouts. There are no excuses to not workout no matter where you are and what you are doing. Join our BuzzChomp fit mom video series.


The biggest fitness change I made in my life was to consistently workout. I used to let my life get in the way of my workouts. I’d sleep in one day and then go to the gym the next day. I’d go on vacation and not workout for 10 days. My first step was to always be fit for the holidays. These 5 quick workouts are amazing for that. They are the best travel workouts.

When traveling and committing to your workouts it’s essential to pick workouts that you can do anywhere. That is why all 6 of these quick workouts are the best travel workouts. All you need is a mat or carpet for them.

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They also range from 2 minutes and up. None of them will take you more than 20 minutes. A great thing about each of these workout circuits is that you can adjust the rounds. We gave recommendations, but it’s always good to add a round or two especially if you want to make the workout more intense.

Each workout has been tested by Dan and I! We’ve done a video demo of all of them so feel free to follow the video links to the individual workouts.

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