Perfect Holiday Gift To Yourself: Six Pack Abs Challenge

This year I’m not waiting until the new year to start my plan for any and all aspects of my life. That goes double for my fitness. I pick my 30 day challenges wisely and I just completed this six pack abs challenge. It’s the perfect holiday gift to yourself!


For the last few years, I’ve made sure I have a great fitness challenge to do throughout the holidays. How do I pick one? A perfect way to look at picking your challenge is to select one that ends during the first week of the new year. This way you have a goal that overlaps both 2018 and 2019. It spans the calendar flip and lets you start the new year with a huge accomplishment. This Six Pack Abs Challenge is a great choice and the perfect holiday gift to yourself.

Like any good challenge, the six pack abs challenge lays a great foundation from day one. You rotate through five exercises during this challenge, doing only three a day. Day one, for example, contains ten leg extensions, ten sit ups, and a five second plank. The last day of this challenge contains 55 leg extensions, 50 crunches, and 55 flutter kicks. Your numbers go way up over the 30 days, but you’ll be able to handle it.

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All five of these core exercises are great. You do crunches, sit ups, flutter kicks, leg extensions, and plank. If you look on the info graphic at the bottom of this article, you will see the recommended way to do leg extensions and crunches. Its different from what is otherwise considered traditional, which I loved. I performed both exercises like the challenge suggests and I felt like I got a lot more out of both of them.

This is a 30 day challenge without any rests. Be aware that when you have no rest days during an abs challenge, it gets intense fast! I find this to be true even more so when a challenge has sit ups and plank. This year I learned to embrace sit ups. Previously I’d found them to be extremely difficult, and therefore I did not like them. I realized that as long as I do them on a mat or carpet and really engage my core, I get amazing benefits from them.

Towards the end of this challenge I craved for it to be over, because I was so sore! I used this as motivation and knew that this challenge was the right one for me. When I finished I felt accomplished, pushed, and extremely sore. To me that is what made this an amazing fitness challenge. It pushed my mental and physical limits.

I can’t stress enough how great this six pack abs challenge is. That’s why I’m recommending it as your holiday challenge. If you start this week, you’ll be into the intense part of the challenge for Christmas and New Years! Personally, while I did this challenge I craved more physical activity and relished in the intensity that I got from it.

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Don’t wait to start a challenge until the new year. Start one now and let it carry you through 2018, completing something amazing in 2019. You’ll push yourself physically as well as mentally! That is the absolute best benefits of a challenge.

Embracing a no rest day challenge for the holidays signifies to your body that you’re ready to push it to its next level! Starting this up right now will set your fitness goals right for 2019. Trust me when I say that this is a must. The perfect holiday gift to yourself is the six pack abs challenge!

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