How to Squeeze in Fitness on a Business Trip

Step out of your comfort zone and make time for fitness on a business trip. It will feel like extra credit and keep you on your exercise plan, even while away.


You’ve probably already made exercise plans for next week: running on Monday, gym on Tuesday, cycling on Wednesday, etc. However, you get a last minute call from work and need to pack for a trip to Bangkok on Tuesday. What about your exercise plans? Fitness on a business trip is easier than you think.

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A last minute business trip can be a bummer, especially in the middle of your exercise plan. Things get even worse if you go on regular business trips , preventing you from exercising in your comfort zone. But working out is all about living out of your comfort zone, so consider squeezing in fitness on a business trip. Here a some tips to make it happen.


Stay Active

The definition of a fit person does not involve an hour of exercise every day and then inactivity for the rest 23 hours. In order to stay fit, you have to stay active 24/7, including the time you are on the road or in the air. Always choose to walk instead of drive when possible. If your flight is delayed, don’t lounge aimlessly in the terminal building. Stretch your legs and perhaps meet an interesting individual. Go explore!

If you are able to choose stairs over an elevator or an escalator, take the stairs. They are ideal cardio. Adopting a mindset that allows you to use the objects around you as a provisional gym will allow you to stay active and fit when in the hotel room. Hey, don’t the backrests of those two chairs resemble two halves of a dip machine. Time to get in some fitness on a business trip.

yoga on business trip

Pack Road Gear

Depending on how important your exercise routine is to you, the next step is packing some basic equipment. We are not suggesting that you bring an entire bench, but rather smaller tools that can fit inside your hand luggage. Start with your running sneakers and go from there.

1. Anti-stress ball

The most obvious choice is an anti-stress ball. Its small enough to fit inside a purse and handy enough to be used in any situation. You can use it to strengthen your hand muscles and relieve stress before takeoff, or inconspicuously squeeze it under the table during a business meeting. If you don’t like the gel that most anti-stress balls are made from, then even a fidget is better than nothing. Keep yourself moving.

2. Yoga mat

Speaking of pro equipment, the most important thing to bring is a yoga mat. You can obviously use it for yoga, but the mat can serve as a base and a cushion for any fitness activity you undertake. When rolled up, it takes up little space and weighs even less: around five pounds. Once you roll it across the filthy hotel room carpet, you will realize how useful it is. There are so many great workout circuits you can do with only a mat.

3. Workout clothes

As far as the right attire for exercise, you are going to have to pack light. This is not a problem, because all you need are shorts and a t-shirt. You are probably going to have to wash them without a washing machine, so a scrub in the hotel room sink will do the trick. If you plan on doing yoga or Pilates barefoot, then you really don’t need any footwear. However, if there is still extra room after you have packed everything you need, squeeze in a pair of athletic shoes. There’s always a gym accessible.

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Plan Ahead

Don’t let all the effort of exercising properly while on the road go to waste because of insufficient planning. Remember to make room for your workout gear, but also remember the less obvious things. You can’t forget to exercise your brain cells and bring your passport, driver’s license, or another form of ID. Its also a good idea to have a timetable of your activates. Were you invited to a late night party, or an early morning campfire breakfast? Since you are working on a tight schedule, aim to plan every single minute of your trip in order to get the most of it. Leave time for some fun too!

Planning is essential if you wish to stay active outside the hotel room and have time for fitness on a business trip. You’re entering a city that’s likely foreign to you, so have a safety strategy. If you’re invited to go for a bike ride in the park to discuss business, check the route in advance. What if the bike track intersects with a street full of cars, as is the case in New York’s Central Park? Car accident injuries are a serious matter, so always plan ahead regarding personal, business, and leisure matters.

Gyms are Everywhere

Unless you are traveling to a remote part of the world, there’s going to be at least one gym at your final destination. Your hotel will likely have one as well. Usually you can pay a small fee to exercise for a single day at a local gym. This is the ideal fitness solution on the road.


Squeezing in fitness on a business trip is a lot easier than you may have first thought. It is all about careful planning, thinking in advance, and packing the right gear.


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