Best Athletic Shoes for Your Unique Feet

Finding the best athletic shoes for your unique feet may seem daunting, so we make it easy. Get awesome shoes, then you can stay physically active, be comfortable, and feel great!


Staying physically active is important for everyone. That said, if you’ve been diagnosed with any type of foot problem, working out may be difficult. You may think that you need to stick to comfortable boots or sandals, and that workout shoes will hurt your feet. That’s simply not true. You just need to find footwear that keeps you safe and comfortable during your chosen activity. You need the best athletic shoes for your unique feet!

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Finding your perfect shoes doesn’t need to be as difficult as you might assume. Our guide will help you choose the best athletic shoes for your feet, allowing you to stay fit without causing unwanted discomfort or damage. Then you can have fun and feel great!


Get Supportive Sneakers

Jogging is one of the most popular forms of exercise because it’s so accessible. Depending on where you live, you can go for a run by simply throwing on your sneakers and walking out the front door. You don’t even need a fitness center membership.

However, people with flat feet, plantar fasciitis, or similar arch problems may experience discomfort while jogging. They benefit from running sneakers designed to provide the arch with added stability and cushioning.

The best athletic shoes for you depends on what you like and where you live. You want to consider where you plan on running before choosing a pair. If you do most of your jogging on the road or a treadmill, a typical pair of running sneakers will suffice. If you run on trails, choose a pair with thicker soles to protect your feet from rocks and other painful items.

Try Athletic Sandals

Hiking or walking through nature is another common form of exercise many people enjoy. Unfortunately, if you’re prone to athlete’s foot or similar fungal infections, hiking can make the problem worse. Wearing tight boots for a long period of time, combined with potentially spending time in a moist environment, makes it easier for fungi to thrive.

Instead, you may be better off with a pair of durable hiking sandals. They’ll let your feet breathe, guarding against infections and odors. Obviously, you want to make sure your footwear protects you from anything you might encounter on the trail (such as poison ivy), but if you’re familiar with your hiking routes, sandals are often a smart option.

Consider Wider Shoes

No matter what type of exercise you prefer, enjoying it is much harder when you have bunions. It’s extremely important to choose the right footwear when you have this condition, as tight shoes can actually cause bunions to develop in the first place.

You may want athletic shoes designed for people with wider-than-average feet, if your bunions are particularly severe. However, if the problem is relatively minor, such shoes might be too wide for your needs. Instead, look for athletic sneakers with roomy toe areas. This is another instance in which wearing sandals can also be a smart idea depending on the type of activity you’re engaging in.


Of course, if you struggle with any common foot problem, it’s also important to coordinate with a podiatrist. You may need treatment to address the issue. In the meantime, these tips will help you find the best athletic shoes to keep you active.



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