Blue Balls No Sex | Pillow Talk TV sex comedy

Blue balls are the worst, so what do you do? She’s satisfied, but you’re still not getting any sex. Sorry not sorry. Pillow Talk TV takes sex comedy to the extreme!


You do everything right and make her feel special, but all you get are blue balls. No sex for you! That is the reality of many relationships and we feel your pain. Quite literally.

Flowers and wine and jewelry and pleasure mean you’re a great partner. They DO NOT mean you are getting lucky. No sex tonight. Just blue balls.

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Hang on, because you’ve embarked on a wild ride! Everything about intercourse is hilarious. Blue balls are no exception, even if they suck. They suck big time!

Your favorite relationship problems become over the top antics, as Pillow Talk TV pushes the boundaries you never knew existed. Sex comedy is funny. Blue balls are hilarious!

Pillow Talk TV doesn’t care about your comfort zone, so screw it! Laugh and enjoy as we go a little bit crazy. Web series with attitude. Over the top comedy, airing Fridays on Pillow Talk TV.

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