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Sex is amazing and sports are wicked fun. Combine them and you get the Sexual Olympics! Its epic. Jill and Jack make sex comedy!


Imagine if sex was an Olympic sport… Jill and Jack compete to make the other orgasm first! Only one can win gold in the Sex Olympics. The qualifiers determine who starts on top and where penetration shall occur. They taunt, they titillate, and they make nasty. Who will cum first?

Its not the Olympics without cheeky British announcers. Thankfully this sexual competition has it all. No orifice is safe and no position is taboo. Get ready for the ultimate sporting event, as sex gets competitive.

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Hang on, because Jill and Jack are on a wild ride! Everything about intercourse is hilarious. The Sexual Olympics are no exception and they’re also freaking amazing. Like super-duper amazing!

Your favorite bastardized nursery rhyme returns with more over the top antics, as Jill and Jack push the boundaries they never knew existed. Sex comedy is funny. Sexy sports are hilarious!

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Jill and Jack don’t care about your comfort zone, so screw it! Laugh and enjoy as they go a little bit crazy. Web series with attitude. Over the top comedy, airing Fridays on Pillow Talk TV.

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