Reenacted Top 5 Youtube Scandals All Time

These Youtube scandals seriously crossed the line, so we reenact them in all their glory! From Logan Paul to Jill and Jack. Its scandalous.


Major Youtube scandals have rocked the industry, but what exactly happened? Jill and Jack reenact the Top 5 Youtube Scandals of all time, including their own! Here’s the list, then watch to see what pushed these creators over the edge.

  1. Logan Paul visits Suicide Forest
  2. PewDiePie speaks in slurs
  3. Nicole Arbour’s “Dear Fat People”
  4. Jill and Jack have sex in public
  5. Sam Pepper gropes strangers

How scandalous! If only these creators were trying to be funny (or just themselves) and not mean, then things would not have gotten out of hand. Live and learn and end up with a Youtube Scandal.

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Your favorite characters from their bastardized nursery rhyme return with more over the top antics, as Jill and Jack push the boundaries they never knew existed. Sex comedy is funny. Youtube Scandals are hilarious!

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