How To Throw A Kick Ass Cosplay Party

Cosplay goes way beyond dressing up, so how do you throw a kick ass Cosplay party? Immerse yourself with your guests into the experience and kickstart some role play!

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After a Star Wars-themed cosplay bar opened its doors in Hollywood, making a big buzz and attracting media attention from all over Los Angeles, people had no choice but to face the fact. Cosplay is trending and it’s here to stay. Thank goodness! So how can you throw your own kick ass Cosplay Party?

Putting together cool costumes of your favorite characters and playing as them with your friends is great fun. It transports you together into a world of imagination and fun. So why not put together some DIY cosplays and throw a party? An immersive environment with themed decorations and settings will enhance the cosplay experience and maybe even kickstart some improv role playing.

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You can have all the cool things a “con” can offer and more, in the comfort of your home or party venue. Plus, you can make cocktails and play your own great music, with no end to the festivities. Here are the fundamentals of throwing a killer cosplay party.


Put together your own cosplay

A cosmaking party isn’t challenging to arrange. Set up a big working table, get one or two sewing machines – if you are feeling fancy – and make arrangements so every guest brings over the fabric and sewing implements they will need to make their cosplay outfit. Sure, you can buy a cool cosplay from a store, but what’s the fun in that? Plus, off-the-shelf cosplays are rarely affordable. Amateur cosmakers have double the fun by prepping their cosplay – including wig and props, of course – by themselves.

If you don’t know fancy techniques to make armor out of EVA foam or sow a Japanese schoolgirl uniform, you can browse the Internet for literally millions of awesome ideas for DIY costumes. You can even make the party about cosmaking and workshop your ideas with your friends. This is a great chance to learn new techniques, try out something different, or just share your hobby with cool people. You can show each other the final product at the end of the day and take pictures together. Speaking of which…



Photo shoots and Performances

After all the effort it took to figure out and put together your costume, and all the fun you had with your friends, the very least you can do is have a nice photo shoot featuring your creation. Photo shoots are extremely fun and can get really creative. They could be the main attraction in your cosplay party as well. You can hire a professional cosplay photographer with all the equipment and set up a photography corner, or just have laid-back fun by taking pictures of each other. You can be as serious or humorous as you want. Then you can upload your best snapshots to cosplay sites for everyone to see. Cure World Cosplay, anybody?

Play the soundtrack of the series or video game you are cosplaying, and get themed food and drinks that match the world your characters live in. Chopps of beer for medieval larping, Japanese food for anime slices of life, red wine for mysterious vampires. You can even put together a stage and record cosplay performances. Why not organize a cosplay contest with fun prizes and a cool jury? Go big and have fun!

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One of the best things about cosplay is how it can trigger your imagination. You don’t need to worry yourself with lots of prepping and planning. Once you’re in character and among a bunch of cool people, the stories and memories will create themselves.


A cosplay party is a great way to share your passion with others and spend time doing what you love. So set up a date, gather your supplies and start thinking about which character you are going to play this time. Then take some great pictures and share them with us!

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