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DIY Halloween Party Essentials October Buyer’s Guide

Halloween is so much fun! It’s one of our favorite times of the year and we’ve got the best DIY Halloween party essentials in our October Buyer’s Guide!


Halloween is just the best! I love going to Halloween parties and I love seeing people’s decorations and costumes. You don’t have to break the bank on any of these things, especially if you’re throwing a Halloween party!

Whether you want to make your own costumes or decorations, you can do so by making your own masks! Masks are a great way to have an amazing and unique costume. You can make them for every person in your family, or a whole group of your friends!

What’s a great way to make your party unique? Have a photo booth! Photo booths are amazing. They’re also a great way to make your party fun and it’s actually pretty inexpensive to get one. Who doesn’t love that?

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Check back at the beginning of every month for our unique buyer’s guide! It’s time for our DIY Halloween Essentials. Arm yourself with the right tools.
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DIY Halloween Party Essentials


5×7 ft Halloween Photo Backdrop $32.00
I love a good photo booth! I’ve been to weddings that have them, but it’s great when parties do too! Whether it’s a kids, family, or friends Halloween party, a photo booth will go over so well!


Halloween Photo Booth Props ($12.99)
To make your photo booth great, you need awesome props! These will be perfect to make your party amazing. Who doesn’t love letting go and having fun? These props will do that! They are so much fun.


DIY Full Face Halloween Mask ($11.99)
You’re planning this great party and you’ve got to have an equally amazing costume. I love creating my own costumes! You can do anything with this mask! You can even make one for your boyfriend, girlfriend, or whomever for a group costume.


Halloween Blood Bags for Drinks ($10.99)
These are so cute and clever. You can make pre-mixed drinks for your party and theme them for Halloween! They’re so simple and will really add a great vibe to your gathering.


Spider Web and Giant Spider ($19.98)
Spiders and Webs are classic! They are a great addition to your Halloween party. It is so simple and the giant spider adds a creepy aspect to it.


Creepy Halloween Cloth ($11.99)
Want to add a haunted house vibe to your party? This creepy cloth is great to hang in a doorway at the entry way to set the mood. It’s perfect to separate areas of your party as well. You can even make one room the haunted house room by putting this up around it.


Halloween Wall Decals ($8.99)
I’m having an obsession with wall decals. We put them up in our babies nursery! These Halloween ones are so great. They’ll give your party a great feel. They are easy to put up and easy to take down.



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