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Spring and summer are great for running. There is so much daylight and the temperature is perfect. In order to take advantage, I have 5 easy ways to spice up running!


I run year round, but running in the spring and summer months is my favorite time to run. There are hardly any obstacles, except if you live in extreme heat or get a rainy day. With so many great opportunities to run, we need to keep it fun and exciting! We need to spice up running.

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If you’re like me, you’ve been running all year and you definitely need to make sure that you keep yourself from getting burnt out this summer. While some people hop on the running bandwagon just for the spring and summer months, its challenging for all of us to keep it going. There are a lot of events and experiences that can take you away from running. Keeping it fresh and fun is integral, and these 5 easy ways to spice up running are essential.


My Running Diary: May 6, 2019

Create An Adventure Run. This can be as simple as deciding to run up or down a street you normally don’t run. It will take you off your normal running path and inspire you to make that right or left that you’ve never made before. This in turn trickles into your future runs. Inspiration is contagious!

An adventure run can also be completely open ended. You head outside for a run with absolutely no plan. You start running and make your decisions as you go. I love doing this! Often when I run with others, I let them take the lead on where they want to run, which is both liberating and exciting.

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Add Hills Into Your Route. I love running hills, but they are daunting and never seem to get easier. That doesn’t stop me from running them. The opposite is true. I embrace the challenge! There are many different styles of hills in my area, which allows me to mix and match the different styles of a run. This definitely gives me variety and allows me to frequently change it up. Hills are probably the simplest way to spice up running.

Try Interval Running. If you have access to a treadmill and you don’t run intervals, then get on it. Intervals are amazing, but extremely tough. They are also extremely approachable on a treadmill. I’ve found some great interval treadmill workouts on Pinterest. A simple one, and my favorite, is to sprint for 20 seconds and walk for 40 seconds. You just repeat it ten times for a ten minute workout.

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Interval running outside is more difficult. When I ran track, we would run in a long line and the person at the back would sprint up to the front and set the new pace. This would continue on and on. It was intense and amazing, but if you don’t have access to a running group, you can easily sprint certain portions of your run. You can start by just counting to 10 or 20 in your head and then backing off to your normal pace. You can also sprint and then walk, but I find that a sprint and jog is more efficient.

Switch The Time Of Day You Run. This can be so freeing and with the added light of the spring and summer months, it can be really nice to go out for an afternoon or early morning run. Do the opposite of your regular running routine. If you normally run in the afternoon or evening, then get outside when the sun is rising.

I used to take the weekends off from running, but then started adding them in during the spring and summer. It wasn’t long before they became a permanent part of my workout routine. It was the best change I ever made. I now love my weekend runs, because they really spice up running for me!

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Run With A Partner. If you normally run alone, then it can be daunting to run with someone else. Who sets the pace? Will your running styles match? Face those fears! Honestly, I’ve never said to myself after running with someone that I wish I hadn’t. Its always a fun and unique experience.

If someone is faster than me, then I find myself lengthening my stride and upping my pace. The flip side can be said for when you run faster than someone else. You either push them, or slow it down and just enjoy the ride. Running with a partner changes my whole perspective on how I run.


The sun is shining and the weather is warm. No matter where you are on your running journey, these 5 easy ways to spice up running will give your workouts new life. Even if you don’t think you need them, try them. You’ll be running with a new hop in your step.


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