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Get SoCal Chic with Best Summer Workout Clothes for Women

Summer is here and that means a new wardrobe! If you love to workout, then you’re just as excited as I am to break in new Summer Workout Clothes. Get SoCal chic with these great women’s finds from Amazon!


Summer workout clothes aren’t just for exercise anymore. We want versatility with style and comfort! Amazon has great women’s clothes and that goes double for workout gear. Its packed with major brands like Under Armour and Adidas, as well as amazing unknown brands to get you SoCal chic for summer.

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Our guide is stocked with amazing leggings, versatile shorts, fashionable tops, sleek jackets, and a must-have sports bra. No matter your fitness obsession, you will be styling in comfort all summer long. Plus you’ll be ready to kick your fitness goals’ bum bums this summer!

Feel free to order everything off this list and send it to me! I want them all. Below is our list of the best summer workout clothes for women in 2019. BuzzChomp is an Amazon affiliate. All items are listed via with prices and sales at time of publication.


Best Summer Workout Clothes!


Rock Stylish Leggings

I love mesh leggings so much. These come in a ton of different colors. The best part about mesh leggings is that they are extremely freeing and cooling. They are also adorable and comfy. You can rock these working out or not, making them the perfect purchase.

Buy It: Mint Lilac Women’s Mesh Leggings ($12.74 on


Run Fast in Shorts

Shorts like these are amazing when you run. You don’t have to worry about these shorts riding up on you. The dual layer gives you support and honestly, I always feel like I run faster in shorts like these. They come in multiple colors and are so cute!

Buy It: Starter Women’s 2 in 1 Shorts ($13.91 on


All Purpose Workout Jacket

Jackets like this one are great because they are multi use. You can throw it over a tank top to go to a workout class or yoga. It will keep you warm on an early morning run or a hike. Let’s not forget, it’s very cute so you can just wear it whenever!

Buy It: UDIY Women’s Jacket ($23.99 on


Be Flexible in Legging Pants

Hello cute leggings! Even if you don’t do yoga, these are so adorable. I love a colorful pair of leggings. I would totally run in these or go to yoga in them.

Buy It: Prolific Health Fitness Leggings ($17.64 on


Get Your Tank Top On

Having a great funky and fun tank top to workout in is perfect. This is a three pack; that’s right, a three pack. That alone is amazing. They are not just cute colors, but they have cute designs and words too. Clicking to add to my cart right now.

Buy It: Touch Cookie’s 3 Pack Tank Tops ($26.99 on


Rock Form Fitting Shorts

Compression shorts are amazing and these come in funky fun colors. I would totally rock these running or going to yoga. They are great to use under shorts or running skirts. These are a must!

Buy It: Homma Women’s Compression Shorts ($12.50 on


A Colorful Sports Bra

My favorite sports bra that I own is this one. It’s super cute, comfy, and perfect for all fitness types. I love to run in it, as well as strength train. It will support you through all of your fitness endeavors.

Buy It: Under Armour Women’s Mid Sports Bra ($12.50 on



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