6 Tips To Safely Exercise In Summer Heat

exercise in summer

The warm weather makes working out pretty awesome. Make sure you safely exercise in summer heat with these six tips!


With the hottest months of the year just around the corner, many people are getting back into their routines of working out outdoors. While this might be an ideal plan in the springtime, exercise in summer comes with a few extra safety and health risks. This can make working out a bit more challenging, which is where we come in. The next time you’re getting ready to exercise in the warm weather, use these tips to stay safe and healthy.


Hydrate Often

When you’re working out in hotter temperatures, you’re inevitably going to sweat more. The average person has two to four million sweat glands working as the body’s coolant system to protect it from overheating, and they’ll all be working overtime in climbing temperatures. To compensate, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water both during and after your workout. This will help you replenish the water you lose by sweating. If excess sweating is an issue for you, then using an anti-sweat device can help get things under control. Just be sure to hydrate, because we can still become dehydrated in even the absence of increased sweating.

Give Time For Recovery

Recovery makes a significant difference in how your muscles develop and how long it takes before you can fit your next exercise time into your schedule. This is even truer in the summer, when you’re working through higher temperatures and you’ll be feeling even more strain after your workout. Look into post-workout pain reduction options like massage therapy. A whole 89% of consumers agree that massage can be effective in reducing pain, and you’ll be able to get back to your normal routine sooner.

Get Creative

Finding that your normal workout routine is too much to handle in the summer heat? Get a bit creative with how you exercise in summer. Try switching out your normal drive to work with biking your commute. A 2017 study found that biking to work burns as much fat as spending 40 minutes at the gym five days a week. You won’t have to set aside extra time for exercising, and you’ll still be getting the same amount of activity.

Consider Your Health

When you’re planning your workout, remember any health circumstances that could make an outdoor exercise plan more of a challenge. The American Association of Diabetes Educators estimates that 33.9% of the adult U.S population have pre-diabetes. Certain medical circumstances can make exercising in intense heat even riskier, so check with your doctor before you try a new trendy workout option this summer. Asking first means you’ll be able to more accurately pick out an exercise plan that’s right for you.

Dress For Success

While it might be tempting to throw on your favorite go-to exercise gear, make sure that it’s the right choice for the summer. The best workout wear for the hotter seasons of the year will be made with wicking fabric that can help you keep cool and prevent overheating. Look for lighter materials as well – heavier fabrics will trap more heat, keeping you warm. While this might be great for a fall jog, it’s not optimal in higher temperatures.

Work Through The Weather

Worried that it’s going to rain on your parade and you won’t be able to exercise outside like you planned? Think again. Working out in the rain can help you stay safe and cool. Just be careful to wear the right footwear when leaving the house. Shoes with suitable grip will help you avoid slipping. However, still use common sense when deciding if you’re going to workout outdoors; if it’s drizzling, you’ll be alright, but a serious storm is probably a sign to stay inside for a bit.


Don’t let the risks that heat and sun pose keep you from working out during the summer. Use these tips to stay safe and healthy while still working on improving your fitness.

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