Summer Running is Optimal for Fitness Growth

Everyone has been waiting for the weather to warm up so we can enjoy that summer sun! Do you know what that means? Now is the optimal time to lace up your sneakers and embrace summer running.


In theory, summer running is amazing. But not everyone realizes just how incredible it us for our fitness growth. The days are longer and warmer, meaning our muscles are looser and ready to grow. Even though it always seems like we have more obligations and less time in the summer, push past the vacations and heat waves. Embrace summer running!

Much like every other time of the year, we get excited for the new opportunities of a new season. Then we get there and start making excuses, throwing our enthusiasm out the window and hindering our fitness growth. Summer is the worst culprit! Let’s change that together.

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For me, once my baby was born, I made a conscious shift in my view of fitness and summer running in particular. I no longer allow the changing seasons to shift my feelings toward running. Instead, I use the new opportunities of summer as growth opportunities. I always commit to going for a run and let the warmer mornings push me to become stronger.

I treat every run the same, but let the joys of summer motivate me even further. The summer months are my favorite time of year to run. Everything about summer running is easier and more enjoyable. Its effortless to get outside right now and achieve your goals. I still take my running day by day, because that is the best way to avoid burn out. I also manage my running expectations, because there’s nothing worse than falling short of unattainable goals. Keep them simple and check them off!


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Managing expectations, especially during the summer, has been a key to my running success. This comes down to being honest with yourself. I don’t like to wish away time or anything like that, but during these busy and fun summer months, I always check out my schedule in advance to know when I can realistically run. Vacations are a bonus, where everything you do is like extra credit.

No matter what I have going on during these beautiful summer months, I embrace summer running. No matter how hot it gets, I always use running as a way to motivate me for the day. I highly recommend adopting a morning running schedule during the summer, unless you like to run at night. Both times of day are cooler and quieter. I’m not a night runner, but running during summer nights is pretty incredible.

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As we cross into this new season, remind yourself why you’re excited and keep that excitement. One of the things I love best is changing my wardrobe. It’s been cool in Los Angeles all year, so I’m excited to finally break out my shorts and tank tops! Goodbye pants and hello sexy legs.

I mentioned goals earlier, and one of the ways I keep them achievable is by making them simple. A big goal of mine this summer is to go on longer runs! When I say longer runs, I mean 6-7 miles long. This is about 2-3 miles longer than my daily route. Now with the extra sunlight and warmth, I’m committed to getting these runs in!


Embrace summer running because it’s so wonderful. Take it day by day and remember that running on vacation is amazing, especially during the summer. Adapt and just enjoy these wonderful months, because they won’t last forever!


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