Not Your Mama’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge | How To Survive It!

30 day yoga challenge

Each month I do a 30 day fitness challenge and recently I tackled this sun salutation challenge. Let me tell you, it is not your mama’s 30 day yoga challenge. It’s intense, confronting, and here is how to survive it!

(Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels)


Not your mama’s 30 day yoga challenge is for the fitness elite. If you are just getting into yoga and or fitness, I highly suggest working your way up to this challenge. This challenge is fabulous though and is one of those challenges that becomes it’s own workout. You need to prepare yourself on how to survive it!

Watch me do all 108 Sun Salutations in a row!

At first glace this challenge appeared to be easy. All it is are sun salutations, which are always the warm up for the style yoga classes I take. I always feel so free and ready to take on the class after sun salutations. That was my initial take on the challenge, that it would be freeing and easy peasy. Not so. I definitely was wrong because after the first few days, there was nothing easy about this challenge.

Prior to starting, assess yourself top to bottom. If you have knee or hip problems, this challenge is not for you. Even if you take yoga regularly, the act of repeating this sun salutation over and over will take its toll on you. I started this challenge with Dan and his knees did not agree with it. Once we got halfway, he had to bow out. No shame in that, but really this is a challenge for someone who will thrive in this repetitive movement.

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At the beginning of this challenge, really focus on the movements and your pacing. The first four days are the simplest ones. It starts with five and by the end of the first week you’re doing 20 sun salutations. This is the perfect week to set yourself up for success. Create your own pace and keep to that. I first started doing this with Dan and I adjusted my pace to his pace, not realizing that he needed to make his own adjustments for his body. His pace did not work for me. I quickly realized this and focused on my movements and personal pace.

Make sure throughout this whole challenge that you enjoy the flow. At the start of this challenge, I thought it would make me feel light and free. It did, but there was this whole level of intensity that I didn’t account for. Once I realized the depth of this intensity, I shifted my mindset. I decided to accept it all. There were days that I pushed through, but did not let that my cloud my experience. Once I said “I accept the intensity and I am here for this challenge,” it made it so much better.


30 day yoga challenge
Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels


The end of this 30 day yoga challenge is so confronting. The last day you do 108 sun salutations. Since I worked myself up to a very nice pace, it took me about 20 minutes to do the whole challenge that day. I realized pretty early on that this is how the challenge trended, so I gave myself that time. From halfway through the challenge to the end, this was at least a ten minute workout. Make sure you give yourself the time so you do not feel rushed!

The big thing for this yoga challenge is that it builds and builds. The repetitive movement definitely takes its toll, but I knew my body could handle it. By the end, I loved the pace I built and the way I felt post my daily challenge. I also felt an amazing accomplishment when I finished it. It definitely felt like a feat, but it was worth it.



By no means is this 30 day yoga challenge for everyone. Again, assess if your body can handle the repetitive movements. I knew I’d be able to do it and thrive through it. The secret to so many of these challenges is to be honest about your body, find your pace, and accept however your body feels! This is not your mama’s 30 day yoga challenge! It’s amazing and fabulous! Enjoy and share with me your experience.


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