Conscious Shopping Done Right for Summer

conscious shopping

Are you ready to shop? It’s easier than ever to give money as you spend money, meaning you can treat yourself and others at the same time! Conscious shopping done right for summer.

(Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels)


The summer shopping season is upon us, and it’s going to be even bigger in 2021 as states continue to reopen. Sales are a guarantee and getting out will once again be fun! If you’ve been stuck at home during the pandemic, you’re probably ready to get back to shopping. Did you know you can give back while treating yourself to a well deserved new item? Conscious shopping is easier than ever.

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Below we’ll cover three of the best ways to contribute to charitable causes through shopping. With more and more brands becoming socially conscious, it’s easier than ever to give money as you spend money. Whether you’re saving wildlife, supporting education, or funding clean water, every dollar counts when it comes to helping those in need. So treat yourself and help others this summer!


Conscious Shopping Made Easy


Look for Buy One Give One Opportunities

Tom’s was one of the first brands to use the buy one give one model. They utilized a program that donated a pair of shoes for every pair purchased. This is awesome! While they have since adjusted their approach to charitable giving, many other brands still use a version of their original model.

When you order from a brand that uses buy one give one, the price of the donated item is factored into the price you pay at the point of sale. If you’re interested in spending more consciously, make sure to look for these opportunities throughout the summer season. This makes helping someone in need easier than ever before.


conscious shopping
Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels


Shop Local

Small businesses were generally hit much harder by the pandemic than large enterprise. Roughly 100,000 small companies closed during the first six months alone. This means that support for local businesses during the reopening period will be critical to America’s small business culture. Let’s all do our part! Whenever possible, look for products and services from companies in your area before searching on Amazon, Walmart, or another retail giant.


Use a Charity Credit Card

While rewards credit cards put money back in your pocket, charity credit cards donate some of the money you spend to charitable causes. For example, the Bank of America Susan G Komen Cash Back Rewards credit card has raised over $10 million for breast cancer research. Like buying from brands with buy one give one programs, getting a charity credit card makes it easy to support a cause you care about without going out of your way. Check out this list for more information about the best charity credit cards available in 2021.


Make sure you practice conscious shopping this summer and help others while helping yourself. Donating to wildlife conservation and other charitable causes is simpler than ever, and you barely have to change your current behavior to make a real difference. These tips will help you support small businesses and the social causes you care about while shopping during the summer season.

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