The Nevers Season 1 Ep4 Reaction | Spy Games

Everyone’s past is linked and some entity is speaking to The Touched. Talk about spy games, with multiple enemies now in the mix. Is the king of England the real baddie in The Nevers season 1? My episode 4 reaction.


Spies were exposed and the secrets keep piling up in The Nevers season 1. What is the entity calling to our most powerful Touched? How many enemies does Mrs. True have and does it go all the way up to the King/Queen of England? Her Touched are being hunted, with Mary’s death the match that is igniting a fire. Watch our full reaction video for every detail.

We are quickly learning that everyone’s past seems to overlap, making the spy games so much deeper. Who in The Nevers season 1 is truly what they seem? Perhaps only Penance, until she falls for Augustus Bidlow. With only two episodes left in Part 1 of season 1, we are heading straight for a cliff.

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You better start looking over your shoulder, because your neighbor may be touched. Have they been acting weird or exhibiting non-human super powers? Definitely “touched.” This is what will make The Nevers season 1 so much fun. Anyone in London can have abilities, or simply be a giant. Look carefully, because anyone may be touched.

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