5 Reasons Melanie is Alive in Snowpiercer Season 3

Snowpiercer Season 3 brings major changes to the show! One big one is the idea that one of our main characters is dead! If you’ve been watching this show then you know that unless you see a death they might not actually be dead! That’s right, I’ve got 5 reasons why Melanie is alive!


Snowpiercer Season 3 is a long way away, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not anxiously awaiting it’s return. This show is so amazing! One of the things I love about Snowpiercer is that it makes bold choices! In season 1, we have a huge lie that Mr. Wilford is on the train then we find out nope he’s not. Not exactly a huge twist, but a solid one. Then of course we find out Mr. Wilford is not dead, but alive, and on another train! The show has no problem telling us one thing then doing and telling us another. That is why I have 5 reasons Melanie is alive! Make sure you watch our full video here.


The most obvious reason Melanie is not dead is because we did not see her death. I was pretty sure we saw Josie’s death, especially when Melanie left her in the room to freeze, but apparently we did not see her death. Same with Kevin, I thought oh he’s bleeding out in the bath tub that means we’ve seen his death. For both Josie and Kevin we saw paths to their death, but for Melanie we didn’t even see her leave the station. On this precedent alone she is not dead!

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Another reason I don’t think Melanie is dead is because I don’t believe her story is done yet. She was the hope this season because she was a world off the train. Melanie realized that their limited data was wrong and the earth is warming. They will be able to live on land again in their lifetime. This is course not something that Wilford wants, wants to discover, and cares about. He wants to his “train back.” Melanie wants a life for the people. With her out in the world, just walking, she’s going to learn how to survive because it is survivable!

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Personally, I don’t see Snowpiercer without Jennifer Connolly. She plays Melanie beautifully. In season 1, we don’t like her, she’s the evil ruler of the train. She lied, she’s controlling, but we find out that she’s in the toughest spot. Melanie wants to save the people and through that you unfortunately have to sacrifice people and do things that aren’t always good. By the time she leaves the train in season 2, she’s full of redemption as well as a willingness and desire to be of service to the people. Also, it’s Jennifer Connolly, if she’s on your show, it’s not the best move to kill her off!

There are more reasons why she is alive. Make sure you check out our full breakdown in our video. Share with me if you agree or disagree.! We’ll have to wait for Snowpiercer Season 3 to see if we’re right!


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