Resident Alien Season 2 Outlandish Predictions

Outlandish Resident Alien Season 2 predictions! Not only is Dr. Ethan an evil Grey Alien, but Jay is a Star Child and Harry joins the Men In Black, then takes our general into deep space. Far out man.


Because its Resident Alien season 2, we know really weird stuff is gonna happen! Dr. Ethan is an evil Grey Alien, the child stolen from the belly of our pregnant woman on the bus. He’s the Tracker’s son, half evil alien, half human. What’s more, Asta’s daughter Jay is a Star Child. She has alien blood, inherited from Asta and her Native American roots. Her ancestors are intimately connected with the Earth and its past, its alien past. Watch our full predictions video for every detail.

There’s a Native American prophecy that tells of aliens destroying, then saving earth. In addition, Harry the alien gets a government job with David in Resident Alien season 2. Harry joins the Men In Black! He also takes our general into space for a wild intergalactic journey before ending her puny human life. These are my outlandish predictions.

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You better start looking over your shoulder, because your neighbor could be an alien. Have they been acting weird and making strange references? Totally an alien. This is what will make Resident Alien season 2 so much fun. Small towns are inherently quirky, so toss in a murder and aliens and all bets are off.

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