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Nomadland is a fabulous movie and it really focuses on traveling through life differently! This slice of life movie is beautifully shot and offers a different view at how people live there life! Our Nomadland movie review focuses on the simplicity of this slice of life film.


Nomadland has so much awards buzz and rightfully so. This film offers such a unique view of life and that really drew me to it. I thoroughly enjoy slice of life movies and this is what this film is! It shows traveling through life differently. Check out my Nomadland Movie review below.

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This has been on my list of films to watch for a long time now. I had a screener of it and Hulu to watch it. Until I put the film on, I completely forgot that this is the film about Van life dwelling! I’m extremely fascinated with this nomad style of living. Personally, I don’t think I could do it, but I find it interesting people that want to travel the country and live on their own whim. More power to them.

Nomadland follows the story of Fern, played by the fabulous Frances McDormand, who loses everything in the great recession, decides she wants to live on the road. Fern lost her husband to cancer and that was her link to her life in their town as well as the company that supported the town closed down.. Even though Fern doesn’t have a traditional home that doesn’t mean she’s homeless. That’s a big perception that others around her have. She has a home, community, and life, but it’s not the traditional one.

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There is one criticism I saw about Nomadland that I thoroughly disagree with it. People have questioned the picture it painted of working for Amazon. Fern works seasonal jobs and one of them is at an Amazon distribution center. For me, I think this is a BS criticism. It’s not what the film explored and it didn’t need to explore it. This community of people she lived with worked odd jobs and one of them happened to be at this Amazon distribution center. The jobs she did were almost an aside. Fern needed to work, wanted to work, and the job was inconsequential. We even see a scene where Fern goes to an employment agency or some sort of job placement agency and she said she just wants to work. People that criticize the film are grasping at straws.

Once again Frances McDormand beautifully is Fern. She’s truly an inspiring actress because of her dedication to bringing her characters to life. McDormand chooses such amazing and inspiring women to portray. I’m still making my way through the Oscar nominated films, but McDormand once again is well deserving of an Oscar.

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Slice of life films are one of my favorite style of films because I get so much insight into others way of life. Like with Nomadland land we truly get a beautiful portrait of the struggle Fern lives, but also her joy. She enjoys this life, regardless of the stigma, and for her this is her life and how she will live it until she dies. I love that dedication and outlook on life. Also I love that they used real people, Swankie, Linda, Bob Wells, etc, from this community to be in the film and play themselves!

Nomadland deserves all the praise it’s gotten so far. The writer/director Chloe Zhao authentically brought this story to life! I love the world that she presented to us and normalizing how people choose to live their life. Share with me your thoughts on Nomadland.


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