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The first time I tried plant based cheese, I longed for it to actually be good. After trying so many, I’ve found five worthy of being favorites! My food adventure has included shredded and sliced and more. These are the best ones; five plant based cheese must buys!


We are in the golden age of all things plant based! I’m always amazed when I try one that is not that good, because so many taste delicious. I’m looking at you Trader Joe’s and your awful plant based shredded cheese. Thankfully I’ve found great options, shredded and sliced and more. Whatever style cheese you fancy, there is definitely a solid plant based cheese alternative! After an exhaustive search, I’ve narrowed down my favorites to five must buys because these are the best plant based cheese!

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A big factor in how I’m rating these cheeses has to do with taste, quantity, and price. What bothers me the most about this plant based revolution is that companies initially made their products much pricier than their counterparts. Thankfully this has relaxed and these products are no longer considered luxury items. Okay, no more ranting. I love these products below!


Best Plant Based Cheese


365 Shredded Plant Based Mozzarella

I’ve been impressed with all of the Whole Foods plant based products, but this one here is my absolute favorite mozzarella bag cheese alternative. It tastes really great and it actually melts!!! A big gripe with some of these plant based cheeses is that they don’t melt well and they really don’t mimic cheese in texture, consistency, and taste. This one does! If you love pizza, grilled cheese, or mac n cheese, this one right here will do your food justice!

You can 100% substitute this for classic mozzarella cheese. I love this one on pizza and a trick of mine is to mix it with a plant based cheddar for an amazing blend. When you put down the cheddar first, then top it with the mozzarella and then spray it with olive oil, it will truly be a delicious pizza and you can serve it to your non plant based friends and they’ll also find it so delicious! My only gripe is that I wish this came in a larger bag. It’s only an 8oz bag and a 10oz or 12 oz bag would be wonderful!


Follow Your Heart Parmesan Style Cheese

Follow Your Heart does great plant based cheese and this is one of two on our list. I love this Parmesan style cheese. For me, it’s essential that a plant based cheese mimics actual cheese. I’ve tried so many different kinds and different recipes that try to mimic a Parmesan cheese taste. This one right here is so delicious and there is such a wide range of uses. That’s really why it tops our list!

Personally I like to melt cheese, add it into dishes, or top it on salads without cooking it. That’s why it’s imperative that each cheese has a great taste. I love this one for adding it into a dish, but also topping it on my salad.



365 Sliced Plant Based Smoked Gouda

Our second 365 Plant Based recommendation is this great sliced smoked Gouda. Props to Whole Foods for really stepping up their plant based game. The taste of this cheese is really great and it nails that smokeyness that a really great Gouda has. Again, you can add this to so many great dishes. It’s obviously perfect for grilled cheese!

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In my family we use this cheese predominantly for sandwiches and cheese toast, but I have found some recipes that recommend using sliced cheese. Try this for Mac N Cheese recipes or baked pasta. It melts really nicely and we all love this one.


Follow Your Heart Provolone Style Slices

Follow Your Heart Provolone style slices are fabulous. They really nailed the flavor and style of their plant based cheese. I love the taste of this one and it melts very nicely too. I’d say my only gripe is that I wish there was more of it, but that’s how I feel about so many of these items. I’m always bummed when they’re done.

These slices are so yummy on a delicious veggie turkey sandwich, as grilled cheese, added to mac n cheese, and so many more dishes. Whenever I use them, I always give my daughter a piece to snack on and she loves it! That’s a sign of a really great veggie cheese. Every one of these one our list is loved by all of us in my family!


Trader Joe’s Vegan Cream Cheese

Trader Joe’s is a great place for plant based alternatives! This is my favorite vegan cream cheese and I’ve nearly tried them all. I know people rave about Miyokos, as well as Violife and Kitehill. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all three of those cream cheese products, BUT the Trader Joe’s one I love. You can’t always find it though, which is a bummer.

Because this is cream cheese, my all time favorite way to have it is on a bagel. My daughter loves this one and even though we stopped going to Trader Joe’s as much, she still asks for it. It’s got a great taste. Stick this with particular brand, because some like the Tofutti brand have a bit of a sweetness to it that I just don’t feel is natural to cream cheese.


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