5 Best Plant Based Sausage You Must Eat Now!

plant based sausage

Plant based sausage are by far my favorite of the plant based meats. They have amazing flavor and texture and there are so many great varieties for us vegetarians, vegans and healthy eaters! These are my five favorites.


It’s a great time to eat meat free and if you love sausage like me, then you are in for a treat! There are so many delicious options and varieties to pick from. They taste amazing and provide a healthier option for everyone, not just vegetarians and vegans. How do you know which plant based sausage to try and for what occasion? These five are my favorites and they’re not just for breakfast!

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All of the different plant based products below allow you to expand your idea of breakfast, as well as “meatballs” for dinner or sandwiches for lunch. I’ve created so many fabulous meals with these veggie meats, so make sure to comment below if you want me to share my recipes. I adore a good breakfast sandwich and adding in a sausage patty is just delicious! Now for my five favorite meat-free sausages.


5 Best Plant Based Sausage


1) Uncut Plant Based Sausage Patty (Best of the Best)

This is my absolute favorite plant based sausage and I’ve always found it at Whole Foods. Consider it the best of the best. Like I said above, I loved breakfast sausage before becoming vegetarian, so I know a thing or two about a great patty. Uncut truly embodies the spices of sausage. It tastes like it’s own fresh take. My absolute favorite way to eat this patty is on a toasted English muffin with plant based cheese. My whole family loves it!


2) Lightlife Gimme Lean Ground Sausage Log

For a long time this was my go-to plant based sausage and its still one of the only logs out there. Over the years it’s become harder and harder to find, but it remains one of the best! I often form this into patties and I always use it to make “meatballs” for my Thanksgiving stuffing. There are just so many different ways to use this sausage. It’s really great formed into “meatballs” for your own take on spaghetti and meatballs.

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3) Beyond Meat Breakfast Sausage Links

You can’t go wrong with any of Beyond Meat’s plant based products, but this is my favorite one. The flavors are just right in their sausage links. It’s the perfect breakfast treat. I always felt like sausage links were a special treat and these fit the bill!


4) Lightlife Plant Based Breakfast Sausage Patties

I recently discovered these Lightlife Plant-Based breakfast patties and they are delicious! Where have you been all my life? Like so many of these products, I’m always a little bummed when I’ve eaten them all and have to go out and buy more. It’s great that so many plant-based sausages are on the market. This is truly a great find!



5) Morning Star Farms Veggie Original Sausage Patties

Morning Star Farms is an OG when it comes to plant based products. These are extremely delicious and it’s nice that they are frozen. That way you can have a nice stash in your freezer. A great thing about Morning Star Farms is that there products are extremely reasonable in price, which makes them accessible for anyone to try plant based products. These are definitely a must!


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