The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 Ep6 | Surprise Loss

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 Ep6 is the episode we’ve all waited for since the first episode. It took over 4 seasons to get here. That’s why our reaction to this whole episode shows us surprise loss because every single person felt so lost during this episode!

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 Ep6, “Vows” show us surprise loss. This is definitely the episode that I’ve waited for since I started watching The Handmaid’s Tale! Every single character wishes that things were a little different. Make sure you watch our full The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 ep6 reaction video.


Finally! June is out of Gilead. Of course Moira is the person who finds her. The whole thing if course is a bit crazy. Moira’s girlfriend, Oona, doesn’t want June on the ship. Therefore, her and the rest of the crew vote to turn her in. This is a ridiculous discussion because the only thing they can do is hide her. June Osborne is public enemy number 1, no way Gilead doesn’t just kill all of them and take June! So besides that flaw both Moira and June are lost. June doesn’t want to leave Hannah, even though she has to know that right now Hannah is safer without June. Also Moira can’t leave June again, of course because she’s felt guilty this whole time she’s been in Canada.

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We see this theme of loss solidified throughout this whole The Handmaid’s Tale episode. June is filled with loss and everything that has happened to her leading up to this moment of her escape! She lost her family, everyone who ever loved her, she lost all of her handmaid’s and throughout this episode she’s losing herself and who she is.

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The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 Ep 6 brings us back to that slow burn that they used in the first few episodes. For me, I wanted to see her reunite with Luke, evade the Gilead soldiers, and get off that boat. We of course see all that in the episode, but it takes the whole episode so unfold!

I’m ready to see how this show unfolds and moves forward now that June is out of Gilead. I hope next episode we see what happened to Janine, but I have a feeling we won’t just yet. June now has the power to bring Gilead down with Canada and the US on her side! She definitely needs to come to terms with her loss, where her life is, and be that bad ass handmaid we know her to be. What are some of your theories for the coming episodes?

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