The Nevers Season 1 Ep6 Reaction | Alien Invasion

It’s all true! I was right and the aliens are invading, just not for reasons you would normally consider. How many others traveled to the past? Pandora’s box is open in The Nevers season 1. My episode 6 reaction.


It’s all real and gloriously spectacular! We have aliens, time travelers, and time traveling aliens. Yes, The Nevers season 1 is nothing as it seems, which is beyond awesome. Aliens invaded future earth, but not for nefarious reasons like the Free Life army believes. The Galanthi came to save humanity and unfortunately the PDC could not protect them. What is the last alien on earth to do? Jump into the past through a massive portal! Watch our full reaction video for every detail.

The Galanthi jumped into the past and took Zephyr with it, putting her into Mrs. True. Who else came through the portal? Does it remain open and can anyone go back to the future? Seems like Myrtle time traveled, or is Galanthi. I suspect Massen’s daughter died and then came back to life as a future person as well. What about the Beggar Kind, Miss Bidlow, evil Dr. Hague, and Sarah/Maladie/Reporter Boyle? All potential time travelers in The Nevers season 1.

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You better start looking over your shoulder, because your neighbor may be touched. Have they been acting weird or exhibiting non-human super powers? Definitely “touched.” This is what will make The Nevers season 1 so much fun. Anyone in London can have abilities, or simply be a giant. Look carefully, because anyone may be touched.

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