Resident Alien Season 1 Ep10 Reaction | Cliffhangers

All humans did not die, but oh those cliffhangers! Resident Alien season 1 went all flick and kill as Harry escaped with Max in tow. Who will eat all that pizza? Your episode 10, season 1 finale, reaction.


Harry the alien isn’t the only one in outer space! The finale of Resident Alien season 1 simultaneously wrapped up every major story line while creating new cliffhangers at every turn. This is great TV and while Harry did use his kill-all-humans device, Asta and Max prevented him from actually murdering 8 billion people. With a flick of his wrist Harry annihilated multiple MIB agents, but not before ordering 20 pizzas for the road. Darcy the super sleuth solves the riddle, but with the wrong “right” answer. Plus we get some unsettling answers of our own. Both Harrys are murderers! Watch our full reaction video for every detail.

Did I say spoiler alert? You should know by now. Sarah tried to murder her partner David at the behest of the general after they captured Dr. Ethan who they think is the alien. Asta discovers Harry’s truth, but must save Max and all humanity with a little compassion. This happens, but then Resident Alien season 1 doubles down on the cliffhangers. We have a stowaway, because of course Max boards Harry’s spaceship on his way off-world. Will Max visit the octopus people? Will Harry return to face his crimes against humanity? Thankfully this is only the beginning of Resident Alien.

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You better start looking over your shoulder, because your neighbor could be an alien. Have they been acting weird and making strange references? Totally an alien. This is what makes Resident Alien season 1 so much fun. Small towns are inherently quirky, so toss in a murder and aliens and all bets are off.

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