Snowpiercer Season 2 Finale Mayhem!

Snowpiercer Season 2 came to a close and the finale was full of mayhem! Snowpiercer did what it does best and it created so much drama and once again the season comes to a close leaving us wanting so much more. Of course in the best way possible.


Snowpiercer Season 2 Finale Mayhem left us wanting so much more in the best way possible. The season 2 finale consisted of two episodes, Episode 9 “The Show Must Go On,” and Episode 10 “Into the White.” I love how this show does this and once again these were two stellar episodes that brought us so much mayhem! Make sure you check out our full reaction video.


This season 2 finale led up to the final moments of the show and splitting the train literally into two. That’s right we went from one train to two trains and then to one giant train and now we’re back to two trains. What does this mean for the show? It course means that next season is all about bringing Snowpiercer back together. Season 2 was really all about tearing it apart.

Not only do we see just how ignorant Snowpiercer is to Mr. Wilford, but we see what Wilford’s true nature is. Of course we knew he was ruthless, power hungry, and an evil guy, but we know that he wants to shrink the size of Snowpiercer so they can conserve resources. This is exactly what he did to Big Alice. This does not have Snowpiercer’s best interest at heart. It is only for his own self interest.

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I’m a bit surprised at the turn that Audrey took in season 2 and this episode. She completely checked herself out of the fight for Snowpiercer’s people! Audrey jumped ship and really is back to how she was pre Snowpiercer. She’s just partying, doing drugs, and engaging in sexual escapades. I thought Audrey would double cross Mr. Wilford, but instead she completely sides with him!

Where as Wilford thought he had full control of Snowpiercer, Layton and Ruth of course break out of that sludge poop dungeon they were in and they rise up! They separate Snowpiercer’s engine, though poor Ruth gets stuck on the wrong side. What this leads to is Layton on this new pirate train going off to find Melanie who is “dead” and now they have her science and they need to get Snowpiercer back together. This is of course going to lead to even more mayhem in season 3.

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If Season 2 of Snowpiercer taught us anything it’s that unless you see someone physically die then they might not be dead. We’re looking at Javi right now as well as Melanie. I dive surface level in my video as to why I think neither is dead, but be on the lookout for a follow up video detailing why Melanie isn’t dead.

Snowpiercer Season 2 finale was full of Mayhem. Our video reaction goes way deeper so make sure you catch up with that. Share with me what you thought about this amazing Season 2 finale!


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