The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 Ep4 | Ultimate Hypocrisy

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 Ep4 is all about ultimate hypocrisy. This world is so disgusting and even people who seem like they should be good are just as bad as Gilead! Unfortunately, outside of Gilead, June and Janine traverse this ultimate hypocrisy.


So far The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 is a slow burn, but that is how they’ve done it before. Ep4, “Milk”, dives into the ultimate hypocrisy. Even outside of Gilead June and Janine are still used and abused. These two can’t get a break, but through this episode we totally see that each one of can fight this hypocrisy. Make sure you check out our full reaction video for our whole analysis!


Episode 4 picks up right where episode 3 left off, June and Janine running from the train and escaping Gilead. The show is done with the escape, chase capture, escape, chase, capture formula and I’m glad. June wants to get to the front lines of Mayday so her and Janine hop on a Gilead supply train to Chicago. This feels like a bad idea, but June definitely wants to prove her worth. She wants to fight and her wanting that lets hypocrisy shine through.

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I really liked how we got more insight into Janine. The thing about her is that everyone always underestimates her. Even June, gives up some hypocrisy when it comes to Janine. She thinks she’s lead and carried her through this whole thing. But, she hasn’t listened to Janine and truly seen who she is. Yes, Janine made some bad choices in Gilead, but she was a product of that environment and her previous choices. Janine had an abortion prior to the rise of Gilead and that definitely stuck with her. It makes more sense with how she reacted to letting go of Angela and her reaction to that whole experience.

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Finally in this episode, we truly see just how strong Janine is and really that her strength is an asset to her and June. June and Janine go with the people who take the Gilead train, at first thinking they’re Mayday, but realizing their just a group of US people surviving a war torn society. Their leader wants something from June and Janine and of course it’s a sexual favor. This is the ultimate hypocrisy that a group fighting against Gilead wants former sex slaves to do a sexual favor. It truly shows us just how broken this world is!

The broken theme shines through this episode and that’s evident through everything that happens with The Waterfords and Rita in Canada! Of course Serena, now pregnant, delusional, thinks that she can sway reconnect with Rita. Ugh, just more hypocrisy. Serena wants Rita to be her friend and prays on how nice Rita is. There is so much about all the Canada stuff that just solidified how the Waterfords are THE WORST!


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