The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 Ep5 | Mass Destruction

It took The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 a few episodes to really pick up, but this episode had me on the edge of my seat! The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 Ep5 all about mass destruction! And that ending all! I can’t wait for episode 6.


The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 Ep5, Chicago, is all about mass destruction! It amazing how so many of these characters just barrel through life, don’t care about the consequences, and truly are so self destructive. The men of Gilead are the absolute worst at this. All vying for power and have no ones best interest except their own! Make sure you check out our full reaction video!


The slow burn is over for The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4. So far the set up of the season culminated with the cluster that is Chicago. The actions of everyone on this show are crazy! The men of Gilead have no real leverage except that they have an extremely strong army. No one wants to trade with them and share resources because of their crazy country. They decide to take Commander Lawrence up on his cease fire, but of course a little bombing first to make sure everyone knows just how “powerful” they are.

Right now everyone is just being so destructive and that’s why I said mass destruction. Aunt Lydia wants back in charge, partners with Commander Lawrence, who I still can’t figure out what his deal is, and Aunt Lydia spills vital secrets to help get herself back in charge as well as help Commander Lawrence get back in charge. Both are just contributing to Gilead’s mass destruction even if they don’t mean to.

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June, unsettled with where her and Janine are, decides that she needs to be with a group that’s actually fighting Gilead. She decides she’s going to join the Nighthawks and at first Janine says she’s going to stay with Steven. Maybe she’ll have a baby and a good life. But Handmaids always travel in twos and Janine ends up joining June. This is where the devastating part happens. June and Janine don’t know there is a cease fire about to happen with a bomb strike for good measure.

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What’s happening how to June is she’s so singularly focused on this “revenge” to Gilead. Rightly so, but its soooo focused that she’s lost sight of so much. She had lost sight of Janine up until last episode. She really needs to get herself together. She claims this is all for Hannah and she can’t leave without Hannah, but she needs to partner with those who can help her get Hannah! She’s really into some huge mass destruction of herself and others right now.

I’m really excited for the rest of The Handmaids Tale Season 4. We’re in uncharted territory with June and Janine no longer under Gilead’s control! It’s time for June to let go of this mass destruction and take smart actions! Make sure you watch our full reaction video. Share with me your thoughts on The Handmaids Tale Season 4 Ep5!


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