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Six Simple Ways to Stay Young and Healthy

stay young and healthy

There are a lot of simple ways to stay young and healthy that don’t include exercise. While we highly recommend it, these six tips are just as important.


In order to stay young and healthy, we must both look and feel the part. This means making small changes to better ourselves and our bodies. For the sake of staying young, we recommend doing a bit of research, starting with our six simple tips.

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Be it trying new beauty products, following basic cleansing regimens, or making wise dietary choices, we all need more TLC. Start small and tackle one at a time, or do a full overhaul. Our six simple, effective ways to stay young and healthy are for everyone!

When striving to both look and feel young and healthy, remember to care for your mental health as well. If you’d like to learn more about some of the top online therapy options, here is a great resource:


1. Eat Cooling Foods 

Foods such as fruit are great for cooling the body and resetting homeostasis. Eat natural foods that have antioxidants and are known to improve digestion, reduce dryness, and keep skin looking amazing. Avoid fatty foods, deep fried foods, and milk if you’re lactose intolerant. Basically, avoid any type of food that puts pressure on the digestive process and leads to overproduction of acids.

2. Apply Sunscreen Daily

This goes without saying, because every time the skin is exposed to sunlight, there is some level of UV radiation that is absorbed. Usually, staying out in the sun for a few minutes doesn’t hurt. In fact, you can get plenty of vitamin D just from watching a sunrise. However, staying out for long can result in skin being damaged beyond repair – and don’t forget the risk of cancer. Forming a habit of applying sunscreen daily will ensure your skin is always protected and that you stay young and healthy.

3. Keep Your Body Hydrated

It can take a while to get used to drinking water with consistency, especially if you’ve been avoiding it. Cleansing your pallet is a great way to start, removing the “need” for something sweet to drink. No matter what, make sure you’re getting in the required amount of water every day. There’s nothing unusual about carrying around a bottle of water, so find a reusable one that fits your unique style. Water keeps your body optimized and in high energy, plus it flushes out the toxins that prevent us from feeling at our best.

4. Stick to Your Basic Routine

Simple things like eating greens, working out, and avoiding stress are the foundations of a healthy life. When we ignore these simple things, that’s when we end up destroying our health. This is why we recommend you stick with the basics. Establish some positive habits, like walking for daily exercise, and eating a balanced diet. People easily neglect what’s most obvious, and choose to focus on beauty products and procedures. These can be quite good, but only as an addition to your healthy habits. Keep yourself healthy by making smart, conscious decisions regarding your health.

5. Try Natural Remedies

Have you heard of superfoods, or healing foods? Things like eggs, cheese, beans, yogurt, and nuts are incredibly important to our health. They often contain a host of ingredients that keep muscles strong, energy levels high, and our skin smooth. They keep us feeling young and healthy!

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Consider adding these types of foods into your diet to improve your ability to heal, create new cells, and fight diseases. Alternative medicines such as CBD, herbal medicines, flower essences, osteopathy, and homeopathy are also more natural avenues to consider. They can be a great way to prevent disease, stay healthy, and keep looking young.

6. Use Moisturizer Daily

Dry skin is one of the main reasons for premature aging. People just don’t take good care of their skin, probably because they don’t comprehend the level of damage that occurs when skin is dry. Failing to moisturize will make you look ten years older in a few months, and if you keep it up, there’s a chance some of the damage will be irreversible. This is because UV rays destroy skin cells, and dryness destroys skin.

Use a moisturizer every day and night, forming a morning and bedtime routine. Whether or not its dry outside, your skin needs that daily moisture. During months when the weather is dry, use a humidifier indoors. Having moisture in the air also reduces skin infections and slows aging.


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