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How To Dress Like An Instagram Influencer

Instagram Influencer

Being an Instagram Influencer takes work, but dressing like one is super easy. Forget the photography and embrace the chic fashion!

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It’s hard not to admire the style and looks of certain Instagram models and influencers. Nearly 39% of Instagram accounts having over 15k followers are influencers, and the industry itself is estimated to be worth $10 billion by 2020. This means the Instagram influencer is impacting fashion and culture in an extraordinary way. Its time to join the fun!

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Whether or not you dream of achieving the same success and following this career path, it’s tempting to emulate the great style and fashion of an Instagram influencer. While there are certain basics to follow to become an actual influencer, there are a number of ways to simply dress the part and look just as great. Rather than learning to take creative location shots, utilizing unique and individualistic pieces, and building an engaged community, simply look super cool in four easy steps.


Inspiration Is Key

When looking for fashion inspiration and trends, look no further than Instagram. Although fashion magazines are still great, the trendiest looks are coming from street style and Instagram. Make sure that you are following the right models and influencers on Instagram, and that their content is in line with your fashion and how you want to dress. Each Instagram influencer is unique, which is what makes them great!

Keep up to date with emerging influencers like Claire Most (@Claire_most) and Chrissy Rutherford (@chrissyford). Make sure you’re following popular Instagram trends, and then tweak them to fit your own style. Following hashtags is a great way to stay on top of what’s hot.

When In Doubt, Overdress

There really is no such thing as being overdressed. When dressing like an Instagram influencer, the key to success is consistently looking put together. This often means planning out outfits in advance, and knowing how you will look each and every day.

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Always opt for heels, or statement piece shoes that command attention. Instagram influencers do not worry if they are too dressed up for the occasion in question. They always enjoy the fun of being in a show stopping outfit. Always dress to impress, and wear every look with absolute confidence. 

Show Your Personality

One of the great advantages of dressing like an Instagram Influencer is that you have room to show your personality and your own style. See what is on trend and working well for others, but adapt it to best reflect your authentic self. You will show up better when you absolutely love what you are wearing, and know that you look great as you leave your house.

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Invest in a bold coat, such as faux fur or a bright print, that you can wear daily to show your creativity. Look for custom made earrings that you will be able to wear repeatedly and make a staple of your unique look. Then find a bold necklace to compliment your style in full.

Don’t Forget The Makeup

Fashion and makeup go hand in hand. Therefore, the perfect finish to your look as an Instagram influencer is a beautiful face. Trends in beauty and makeup application come and go just as quickly as clothes, so don’t underestimate the need to follow beauty Instagrammers. Make sure you’re following the hot new trends and looks in makeup. Certain influencers like Nikkie de Jager (@nikkietutorials) put out consistent photos and content that even beginners can follow.

Always remember that certain classics remain a staple of very style, such as a clear and dewy complexion and long bold eyelashes. You don’t need to apply any more makeup than you’re comfortable with. Sticking to the classics and implementing a few new trends is a great way to emulate the look of Instagram Influencers while keeping it your own.


Whether or not you plan on cashing in on your look is up to you. Either way, dressing like an Instagram Influencer is a fun and excellent way to play with your style and showcase your creative personality to the world.

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