Become an Influencer in 4 Steps | My Instagram Influencer Journey

Anyone can become an influencer! It’s easier than you think, because all it takes is 4 steps to start being an Influencer. Follow my Instagram influencer journey.


You see all these people who are on Instagram who have a huge following. Who are they? What do they do? Instagram gives a glimpse into every day people’s lives, as well as lets people show off their talent. Those people who have huge followings are definitely cashing in on that. Become an Influencer like them, starting with these four steps!

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It’s easier than you think to become an influencer. Our first step is simply to start an Instagram account. If you’re not on Instagram, get on it people. If you are on Instagram, then take a hard look at what you’re content is saying and learn how to shape it to fit into the influencer you want to be. Follow me on Instagram and let’s build a community together!

The first step might seem super simple, but so many of us don’t actually even try to do the things we want to do. Get your Instagram out there, don’t have it on private, start following like minded people, and get to posting amazing content.

Mandi and Dan love the making great videos!

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The above being said, another one of our steps is to make sure you sprinkle in products that you love. An influencer recommends things to others, but before you can get paid, whether it’s in cold hard cash or in free product, you need to show people what you already love.

Make sure when you do recommend things that it’s thoughtful and insightful. Why do you love the product you’re posting about? In the beginning, I’d stay away from bashing products too much. Of course, if you buy something that ends up being a big load of crap, then by all means. But I think positivity brings in more meaningful reactions online. Also, if you’re constantly complaining, no one is going to want to follow you!


More steps to become on influencer in the full video. These 4 steps are just laying the foundation! Plus we have a bonus! Check it out and follow along on my influencer journey. No one tells you how to do these things and I’m all about sharing the knowledge I’ve learned, as well as what I’m learning.



Mandi Mellen is Lead Editor, Writer, and Co-Owner of BuzzChomp. She’s an acclaimed Actor, Director and Producer. Visit M Square Productions for her film work, or get lost in her comedy on Pillow Talk TV. You can follow her on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram.


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