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Long Legs and a Short Torso: How to Dress for Summer

Warm weather is upon us and it’s time to prepare your wardrobe. Long legs and a short torso make this challenging. We’re here to help you dress for summer!


The best way to dress isn’t always to wear what everyone else is wearing. That’s boring! No matter what the trends are, you need outfits that flatter your body shape. You want to dress for summer with style and comfort.

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Do you have long legs and a short torso? If so, we’re with you. Keep the following tips in mind to maximize your options and be you. Summer isn’t just bikinis and beach wear. Our tips will help you dress for summer and enjoy it in style.


Choose the Right Summer Dresses

A summer dress is definitely an item worth adding to your wardrobe this time of year. If you have a relatively short torso, opt for one that hits below your actual waistline. This creates an illusion that helps to elongate your torso. If the dress falls above the knees, it can also make your legs appear longer than they already are, accentuating your looks naturally. Check out our Top 10 Guide for some amazing summer dress options that won’t break the bank.

Get Out Your V-Necks

Warmer seasons are perfect for V-necks, and V-necks are perfect for women with short torsos. The wider and longer the vee, the better. That’s because long and wide V-necks draw the eye down. This is another simple way to create a sense of greater length in your upper body.

Accessorize Accordingly

V-necks are by no means the only part of your wardrobe you can use to create an illusion of length. Long, vertical accessories, such as pendant necklaces, can yield the same effect. Add this type of accessory to your outfit on days when you want to add more visual interest to your average V-neck. If you’re not sure where to find this kind of statement piece, most summer subscription boxes include finishing pieces like this.

Opt for Low Skirts

Summer is the top skirt season of the year, so dress for summer with one that truly compliments your figure. In order to dress best for someone with long legs, choose a skirt that sits lower on the hips than most. This will draw more attention to your legs. To add a lengthening effect to your torso, complete the look by pairing it with an untucked top.

Choose Low-Rise Pants

Great news, low-rise jeans and pants are back in style. They’re also perfect for someone with long legs. Sitting somewhat below the natural waistline, they have the dual effect of drawing attention to your long legs while also making your torso appear longer.

That said, when you have a short torso and long legs, it’s best to avoid distinct waistbands or belts. They can cover up a portion of your waist, making it look smaller than it is.


Remember these tips as you prepare your summer wardrobes. Dressing well isn’t about following the same path as everyone else. It’s about making sure you’ve chosen outfits that suit your body and unique style. These ideas will help you dress for summer and be you!


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