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Fabulous New Bikinis For Summer: 5 Best on Amazon

Summer is my favorite time of year. I love lounging by the pool and going to the beach, and I love new bikinis. My go to bikini used to be Victoria’s Secret, but they stopped making them in 2016! Now I’ve branched out and Amazon has some of the best. Fabulous new bikinis for summer!


I know what you’re thinking, can you really online shop for bathing suits? Absolutely, and new bikinis are easy to find! This was how I began online shopping with those amazing Victoria’s Secret bathing suits that no longer exist. Amazon has filled the void admirably, and like Vickie’s, they normally offer free shipping back on items. So you can buy new bikinis, try them on, and then return them for free if necessary! The best part about all of these bikinis is that they are sold as a set, just one reason they are the 5 best on Amazon and our June 2018 Buyer’s guide.

Buying a bikini can be annoying when you have to buy the bottom and the top separately. Its kind of the worst for me. I’m a small in the top and the bottom, but for some reason whenever I find a cute bikini I love and it’s “sold separately,” I can never get the same size top and bottom. I understand that everyone is not the same size top and bottom, but it’s super frustrating. I also don’t understand the whole charging for a bottom and top like they are individual items. You need both for a bikini!

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I’m a bikini set type of girl and that is where Amazon excels this summer. The sets don’t have to match, but if they do great! All five of these new bikinis are versatile and they are oh so cute! I will definitely be adding a few of these to my collection. Last summer I was still shedding my baby weight. Since I was still breastfeeding, my boobs were off the charts! I resisted buying anything new and now I’m excited to add to my ever growing collection of bikinis.

None of these bikinis will break the bank! All of them are cute and have a very distinctive style, which is why they are fabulous bikinis for summer! You can wear them to the beach, pool, or just to lay out in your backyard! It’s time to get ready for summer with these fabulous bikinis! The 5 best of Amazon.

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Fabulous New Bikinis For Summer


This suit is just adorable! It has so many positives about it, starting with the fabric. It’s super cute and different. You don’t see a ton a bathing suits like this. Halters are always a great bikini option because they’re not just fashionable, but functional. If you love to play volleyball, get knocked by waves, as well as lounge, this suit allows you do all of that. It comes in so many colors too.

Tie die is my favorite! I love it in skirts, tops, and dresses. This bathing suit utilizes it so cutely! I love the top because it’s unique and the bottom suits the top. Again, this bikini is versatile for however you want to wear it. It’s great to go under a dress if you’re going to a pool party! If you love water sports, playing in the sand, and lounging this one works great for that! Personally, I love versatile suits, so all of these on the list are just that!

The cut of this bikini is classic and you can’t go wrong with it. The pattern shines here! Stripes are perfect for suits and this one offsets itself with vertical and horizontal stripes, one on the top and the other on the bottom. It separates this striped bikini from other classic striped bikinis! You not only will look great and feel great in this, but also be able to go and run all around! I love being active by the pool and beach, and dislike when I have to constantly fidget with my suit!

You can get this one in five different colors/patterns. All of them are so cute! I’m leaning towards the blue one, but I honestly can’t decide which one I like the best! Each one has its own personality. Padding and push-up in bikinis are great, especially for us ladies that need a little boost! This is another versatile bikini that is great for so many different occasions! I aim for all of my suits to be versatile because it means I’ll frequently wear them.

For all you ladies who don’t want to wear a matching suit, this one is for you! There are 10 different options and they do have one that completely matches. I love that the top is solid and the bottom is floral print. It’s so cute and styling! The top is halter and it ties in the back, so just make sure you tie this tight, especially if you’re a body surfer or like to do any sort of swimming in waves! Otherwise, this bikini is just great! Pair it with a cute cover up, jeans shorts, skirt, or even a dress and you can go to the pool, a party, or a day at the beach!



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