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A big question I have is Who is the Night King? I dive into and reveal the Night King. So far in the show it’s barely been discussed! Part of our Game of Thrones Season 8 theory!


Who is the Night King? Why is he evil? These are questions I hope we get answered during Game of Thrones Season 8. There are a lot of theories out there about who the Night King is. You all might remember we theorized if Bran could be the Night King.

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This bring us to our 4 Night King Identities. For our first identity I’m throwing it back to the Bran theory. This has been out there for a while and a lot of people have refuted it now including the actors. Bran is probably not the Night King, but it’d be cool if he was!

Since I want you all to watch my full video I’m teasing you with one other identity and that is Jon Snow. This idea is similar to that of Bran. Basically Bran takes Jon back in time and replaces Jon as the Night King. When this happens though there are two paths that Jon can take. He can thwart the Night Kings plans. This would end the war before it even starts.

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The second path and the more interesting one is that Jon as the Night King gets seduce with evil power and the only way to end his path is to continue on it and even though Jon replaced the Night King, he is still evil and he has to be defeated in present day.


Check out our full video for our two other Night King identities! Who do you think the Night King is? Share with us your thoughts!

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